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Double Digits

kid with binocularsWhat is it about the double digits that seems so daunting? When our oldest turned 10 it felt like he was turning 20!

A decade had passed and I could see such growth and remember so many precious moments – I had to wonder what the next 10 years will be like.

Then I REALLY started to think about it and well…that wasn’t a good idea.

Ya see, in the next 10 years (we’re already 2 years into that season) my son will go to middle school and high school. He’ll graduate, hopefully go to college and that means he’ll leave our home {gulp}

This morning I took my boy to the church to leave for camp. He’ll be gone until Friday and this is the first time I’ve been away from him for this long.

I know he’s going to have a blast but it’s just not the same around the house and it’s only been 1 day!

Our kids are constantly growing and changing – that’s part of life.

But I wonder how many of us are truly ready for the next transition while still being able to enjoy the one we’re in – that’s a tough balance to keep!

Along with our children’s transitions, we too are growing and changing and that’s important. Sometimes I feel like I’m supposed to have all the answers or be a more “relaxed” parent because I have a kid in double digits – but that’s just not possible.

Today will bring as many “firsts” and “new” issues as I encountered the day I brought him home from the hospital.

When I look forward I find hope in the knowledge that God is already there. He’s preparing my son and ME to accept what is coming.

You see, I can be aware of our future but I need to resist the temptation to worry about it.

I need to put all my energy into TODAY. What my kids need right now, in THIS season.

I’m aware of the future because as I’m teaching them and caring for them I’ll keep in the back of my mind that everything I’m doing and saying is working toward their next transition and mine. Today will impact our future relationship, their choices and my hopes and dreams for them. But still, I don’t have to worry – even if I mess up. I can be certain that God is bigger than my flaws or mistakes.

Joshua 1:9… Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous.

Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.

God is with your children, God is with you. You are not alone and you can be strong and courageous no matter what transition or unknown you are facing!

Hang in there Momma – you’re doing great!


The Cut

A few weeks ago I shared our dilemma with James’ hair.  It is beautiful, red and well – I have learned from experience that when you cut a boy’s hair and everyone can see their forehead they suddenly look like a teenager! Okay, so maybe that’s a little drastic but I was truly dreading the big cut because it was just one more reminder that my little guy is growing up and there’s NOTHING I can do to stop it.  This weekend he turns 4 and I was headed to get my hair cut and he quietly mentioned that he thought it was time for his hair to be cut too.  So without much drama, regalia or announcements we did it – well, Janie did it, I just watched in awe.

Tomorrow morning we are headed to play group and I can’t wait to hear and see everyone’s reaction – James’ hair has been a huge part of his personality! So with tears in my eyes and video camera in hand I trusted my sweet boy in the hands of our amazing stylist – Janie.  She talked me through it, let me take pictures.  She even asked if I was doing okay – I felt like such a needy mom – but nevertheless she helped me enjoy the whole process. 

So the entire haircut is documented, bit by bit, on our video camera and I will cherish that little moment of growth and transition forever.  It might sound silly, but I really do think that even now as I say goodbye to a phase of life represented by his long beautiful hair, I’m reminded that he’s not mine. I don’t own him or his future and no matter how hard I might try to I can NOT stop time. My brain knows these things but sometimes my heart is slow to catch up.  

My kids are gifts, not idols to be worshipped, coddled and frozen in time – nope – these are beautiful individuals that God is trusting me with and I don’t take that lightly.  So whether it’s saying goodbye to his long hair, walking away from his kindergarten classroom or dropping him off at college I’m going to let myself grieve – even if it’s just for a moment – and enjoy each moment of this journey.

My sweet baby James isn’t a baby anymore and I’m excited to see what’s next!

so…what do you think?  It’s okay if you don’t like it – it’ll grow back – but seriously – what do you think of his new look!?!?!?


4 Seasons     Living in the Midwest means I get to experience all 4 seasons.  My parents live in San Diego where they have 2 seasons – “perfect” and “slightly less than perfect”.    No matter the time of year, I think it is wonderful that our God, in His vast creativity, gave each season its own characteristics.  The 4 seasons come around each year but they never arrive or leave in exactly the same way.  Some winters we are hammered with snow and ice, others are quite mild and calm – but winter still comes.  Summer can bring 100 degree heat while still other summers are mild with lots of rain – but summer still comes. 

     Mothering is a lot like the seasons – it is cyclical, yet every cycle is COMPLETELY new and different.  Most people wouldn’t consider me a “new” mom, but I am now in a new season of my life.  I am now discovering what it is like to have a 2-year-old at home alone – just him and me.  I’ve realized that I’ve never had just one child relying on my creativity, planning and presence and yet this is my 3rd child!

     I worked full time when our first son was young and before he turned 2 his brother had arrived.  I’ve always had multiple children or a child-care facility to provide direction for our activities.  I’m still working part-time but I don’t have child care and now I have two children at school from 12:30-3:40.

     I’m rediscovering what it means to plan my afternoons and my time with James, our toddler.  I actually had to go on line and look up activities that are appropriate for his age group.  I’m glad that even though this is my 3rd toddler it’s still refreshing, new and well – unknown. 

     I don’t ever want to become one of those “I’ve got this all figured out” kind of moms – that just isn’t me.  I’ve NEVER been here, in this place, at this time, with these ages of children.  I guess that’s why being a parent is so humbling and exciting all at the same time.  We are always discovering a new season – but we encounter it with much more experience, knowledge and confidence. 

     We’re all in this together and like one of my dear friends said this weekend: We’re all reading the same book, we’re just on different chapters.  No matter the season you are in –  make sure you give yourself a break!  Enjoy the ride and make sure you don’t miss a single “season” – too many great things are happening around you!

    The Bible says in Ecclesiastes Chapter 3: There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven.  If you have time today, look up that entire chapter in the Bible – it’s pretty cool to see all the things God lists.  I think we might encounter most of that list in just one week! 😮  Have a wonderful day, no matter if it’s rainy, snowy or sunny outside – I pray the light of God’s strength and love would be evident in our homes and our daily activities.  You are amazing!  Keep up the great work and don’t worry – if this season is rough it won’t last forever! 😮

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