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What A Month

The last 30 days are a bit of a blur for me.

Have you ever endured a season of life when you were wrestling with God, trying to hold on to your sanity, balancing all the demands on your time and you realize your two hands and one mind just aren’t enough?

Yeah – it’s been one of those months.

My children are growing up and that’s a good thing. But as each year goes by, my life changes right along with them. Our youngest son will be headed to Kindergarten this year and my life of playgroup, playdates and playtime with my little guy are coming to an end.

I had always planned on going back to teaching when our youngest headed to school. It seemed like the natural and necessary thing to do. We’re like everyone else with bills to pay and although I LOVE speaking to groups and writing; the demands on our budget are sometimes greater than what I can earn.

Back in April I took a test so I would be certified to teach English here in Kansas. After 3 months of studying harder than I ever have I passed the test and felt confident I was going to teach English this fall. I was so excited to bring literature, grammar and creative writing to my students I forgot to ask the Lord what HE wanted me to do. {Am I the only one that plans first and prays second? I’m working on switching the two…}

So God and I wrestled, God won, and I’m now going to teach the one subject I thought I would NEVER want to teach again: Choral music.

Music is a huge part of my life, it always has been, but after teaching it and leading worship for so many years I was ready for a change. God has done a beautiful work in my heart and spirit because I am now dreaming, thinking and becoming excited about what God has in store for me, for the students I’ll meet and the songs He’ll lead me to.

I’ve never taught at a Christian school – I’m not sure what it will be like, but I have learned something very important during this last month and my husband gets all the credit.

As we prayed and talked about the options for my employment Matt said, “Babe, I wonder if God is trying to save you from yourself”.

At first I was a little offended, but I trust Matt and he only says things out of love so I asked him to explain.

He went on to admit that I would be a great English teacher but the fact remained that I’ve never taught the subject before. Learning the curriculum, content and outcomes for English takes a ton of time and energy – it’s like being a first year teacher in some ways.

Along with the new content, Matt reminded me that I haven’t held a full-time position in almost 10 years. Having a full-time job will bring new challenges and a change of lifestyle. So with that change would I really want to be learning a new subject area and deal with all the details that come when I’m on a different schedule as my children.

I realized my husband had a perspective that was exactly what I needed to hear. After all the praying, talking, justifying and sometimes arguing with God I was finally ready to listen.

So I did it. I released my expectation to teach English in the public schools and signed a contract to build a music program for grades 7-12 at the Christian school.

Can you guess what happened the NEXT day?!?!?!?!

Yep – the school district called and offered me a job.

You would think I would feel cheated or disappointed, but once again God came in like a flood, provided me with peace and affirmed this direction for my season of life.

I’m starting a new season and it’s going to be interesting.

Many of you have written and asked me to come speak to your group and I’m happy to say that I am going to do ALL I can to accommodate your requests.

As always, Keri is keeping things organized, streamlined and possible. SHE IS AMAZING!!! (But you already knew that)

Although evening groups and weekend retreats are the only events we can secure right now, some groups that meet during the day will work too!

I’m waiting to see what my teaching schedule is like and I hope to accommodate as many daytime groups as possible so send us your requests and Keri will follow-up with you.

I hope you’ve had a wonderful month, full of adventures and discoveries.

I can’t wait to see what the next month holds – only the Lord knows and I’m focused on seeking His guiding hand and listening to His wise voice.

Thank you for being on this journey with me – you inspire me and keep me going! You are loved, prayed for and important to me – we’re in this motherhood thing together!


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