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Tour Time with Kathi Lipp (updated)

mom essentialsToday we’re spending time with Kathi Lipp!

She’s the author, speaker and encourager who wrote the forward for Mom Essentials – so you’ll get to read her words before beginning the study… So exciting!

You’ll love her honesty and humor – she’s one of the best moms to have in your corner and I’m so thankful she’s joining us in this adventure as we help moms across the country get back to the essentials –

Check out the post I wrote on Kathi’s blog and read all about my “Bad Mom” Moment…

Also, check out Kathi’s latest book project, “The Cure For The Perfect Life” with Cheri Gregory too!

Kathi and I also recorded a podcast! It’ll be out tomorrow – so get ready!

I so appreciate your support and energy to help us spread the word!


Independence Day – the Mommy Way

Tomorrow we celebrate our country’s birthday – the day we declared our independence.

So I’m declaring my own kind of independence.

I’m claiming freedom from the feelings of guilt, fear and insecurity that often steal my joy.

My independence doesn’t come through denial or ignorance – instead it comes from the freedom of knowing I am not alone, that God is with me and I can find comfort in knowing perfection is not a prerequisite for effective parenting.

Need more proof that this kind of independence is possible (and dare I say it – NECESSARY!?) Look no further than the most fantastic, hilarious, well-organized and applicable book for moms looking for guidance instead of guilt.

Run, do not walk, to your button and buy this book! You’ll want your own copy – mine is pictured above (check out the post-its and tattered pages – it’s marked like crazy on the inside too!)…

Here are a just a few of my favorite quotes/challenges and general greatness from Kathi’s book, “I Need Some Help Here!”

Get ready to enjoy a time of hope and help as we declare our independence from anything that is not of God.

1. When we feel guilt creeping in Kathi reminds us to have the same mercy on ourselves that we would have on our friends. Kathi writes, “I think it breaks God’s heart to hear how we talk to ourselves – without grace, without mercy. God is not surprised by our failures, but it must be so disheartening to him when wee become judge and jury for ourselves. Remember that God loves you passionately and wholly” (Can I get an AMEN!?)

2.  Throughout the book Kathi provides Scripture and specific prayers I can pray for myself and for my children – it’s an amazing resource! The best part is that the prayers and Bible verses are organized according to situations that are bound to occur in all our lives.

3. I loved reading all the testimonials and personal stories from moms who did everything “right” and yet their children decided to do wrong. I was amazed by these women’s honesty and their willingness to share how they found hope in the midst of despair.

4. When talking about how we feel powerless due to our children’s bad choices, Kathi writes about it being painful and how it takes time to recover but, “we haven’t put our trust in our child’s choices. We’ve put our trust in the Rock” – YES!

5. Each of my children are unique and while I love that fact I sometimes hurt for them when they don’t fit in with their peers or the world’s expectations. Kathi challenges us to change our prayer from “Lord, help them be enough” to instead praying: “Lord, BE their enough.” Wow – I’ll admit it – I have that statement written on a notecard and taped to my bathroom mirror.

I guess we could use that statement too. If GOD is our “enough” we won’t have room to second-guess, fret or stew about whether or not we’re good or bad moms. Instead, we’ll just keep reveling in God’s hope and enjoying the help we receive from our fellow moms who are (as Kathi puts it) in the trenches with us.

I am so excited to share this book with you and I know you’ll enjoy each part of this challenging and honest look at parenting.

I’d encourage you to read it with other friends or even out loud with your husband – every piece of this book is something we’ve either been through, are dealing with or will some day encounter. No one is immune to life.

If you have your own story about finding hope during a troubling time we’d love to hear it. Thank you for being honest and allowing God to use your life to encourage others!

Happy Independence Day!

Let the hope-filled days begin!

You are loved –




Let The Summer Planning Begin!

I have been incredibly blessed to work with some of the most gifted, amazing women as I’ve journeyed through this world of speaking and writing.

A woman I truly admire and respect is Kathi Lipp.

She. Is. Hilarious! She is real, she is honest and she is so encouraging.

I also love her ability to take real life and then give us real solutions and ideas.

Because I love all of you and know you are in the same boat as me – I can’t wait to share Kathi’s FREE book with you!!!!

Yep, I said FREE!

Just click on the picture below to have Kathi’s latest book, “Surviving Summer Vacation”, emailed to you today!

Leave a comment below with your best summer activity and favorite activity to help the summer days be fun and full of wonderful memories!

Summer and warm weather are coming – let the planning and celebrations begin!



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