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Extra Ordinary

HAH-Blog-Hop-graphic (3)-1I love watching news stories where the reporter says something like, “Just an ordinary citizen, doing extraordinary things”.

It brings hope that someone like me, an ordinary mom, can do something extraordinary.

But what IS extraordinary?

Is it saving someone’s life? Donating money to a charity? Inventing a product that changes the world?

If extraordinary means doing something huge or heroic I think I’d like to stick with my nice, ordinary life.

In fact, I think I’d like to have a little EXTRA bit of ordinary in my day – ya know why?

Because if things are ordinary that means everyone is healthy, our needs are met and my life has a balance and purpose to it.

Ordinary suits me just fine. Not because I’m boring or because I don’t WANT to be extraordinary – quite the opposite!

I think extraordinary things happen when ordinary is okay:

1. When I accept my ordinary calling to work inside or outside our home = extraordinary peace

2. When I take time to plan the ordinary parts of my day so I can feel efficient and effective = extraordinary contentment

3. When I accept my ordinary child for who they are and not who I hope they’ll be = extraordinary relationships

4. When I am able to gather ordinary people around the dinner table, without technology, and connect with each other = extraordinary joy

5. When I stay disciplined and reach an ordinary goal I had for myself (physically, spiritually, financially) = extraordinary strength

When I think about ordinary I think about the disciples. You don’t get much more ordinary than a bunch of fishermen and tax collectors – and yet Jesus chose them to be His closest companions and partners in ministry.

God is using me, just like the disciples, to be fishers of men (or pre-teens, babies, toddlers, young adults) and I need to trust that even the ordinary moments can become extraordinary when He is orchestrating the moment. My job is to obey and trust – during the ordinary and extraordinary moments. God’s power is ALWAYS extraordinary, even during the mundane, ordinary parts of my day. When we tap into that power, you and I are changing the world one diaper, carpool and lunch at a time – we can be extraordinary even during the ordinary tasks in our day.

Keep going, ordinary citizen – YOU are doing ordinary, extraordinary things!



Keeping the “YOU” in Unique

HAH-Blog-Hop-graphic (3)-1As a young girl you could find me organizing the towel and toy closet. It was something I LOVED to do. Keeping things organized and seeing a shelf with everything put in its correct place.

Yes, I was a bit of a nerd.

I was also a perfectionist and I was very hard on myself and on others.

This part of my personality started out harsh, overbearing and at times kept me from making friends and being able to work with others.

Fast forward to today and I am happy to report that this perfectionistic bend isn’t something I deny about myself but instead I work hard to redefine and redirect it.

Who I am and how I’m put together is a true testament to how creative God truly is. I’m not sure I truly know myself yet – but I know where I’ve been and how I got here.

Keeping things perfect and in their place is just fine – until you have children.

Children aren’t made to be or keep things perfect and I had to let go of my desires and standards in order to keep my focus on PEOPLE instead of things.

The Lord gently, but quickly, helped me release my unrealistic expectations while showing me how this part of my personality could become a positive part of my life.

You see, I’m constantly trying to figure out how to do things better. I’m reinventing, analyzing and trying new things to help my situations and my family work smoothly and accomplish more.

The REAL challenge with being unique is that I don’t want to see my personality traits as negatives. Instead, I want to understand and appreciate that God made me in a particular way, with specific gifts and traits and He can use ALL those things for His glory if I’ll let him.

I can be unique.

I should be proud of who I am.

But I can’t use my uniqueness as an excuse to be disobedient, difficult or overbearing.

I love who I am and I’m SO glad that each year I become better and better at being me.

I’m a better mom today than I was yesterday and tomorrow – well, it’s going to be even better because I’m spending today listening to God and being obedient to how he’s shaping and molding my uniqueness into His completeness.

What’s a unique personality trait you have?

How has it helped you as a mother?

Any personality traits of yours that you see in your children?

Tell us what they are and how you continue appreciating your uniqueness!

You are an amazing mom – you’re just the right mom for your family – trust yourself!







The Skin We Live In

HAH-Blog-Hop-graphic (3)-1The March topic for Hearts at Home Blog Hop is: “No More Perfect Bodies”.

I love this subject because it matters to all of us. We are constantly bombarded with images, expectations and standards from our world – telling us what we “should” look like.

Remember the Ivory ads where they had “real” women in their undergarments hanging out together on a magazine page? I don’t think I could ever pose in my skivvies for an advertisement but I appreciate the effort.  Those ads allowed the rest of us to see women with bodies that are a bit more realistic, and perhaps shaped more like us.

For me there are two types of women in the world: ones with children and ones without children. Get ready for the stereotypes…

Women without children are typically able to dedicate more time to caring for themselves. This does NOT make them selfish, it’s just their reality and it’s sometimes easier for them to find time to exercise and eat right.

Women with children find themselves eating leftovers off their children’s plates, living with sleep-deprivation and the constant drain of other people needing them.

Now let’s drop the stereotypes and get to the real issue: Either we control our body or our body controls us.

Barring any major medical issues or injuries, most of us live in bodies WE created.

If we’ve been pregnant we basically sacrificed our bodies in order to create and give birth to another human being.

So what have you created? Or let me rephrase that, what are you creating?

When it comes to body image I think women need to ask themselves 3 questions (and remember, the answers ONLY pertain to our physical condition…emotional, spiritual and psychological issues are a whole different thing :o)

1. Am I healthy enough to care for my children?
2. If married, is my sexual drive and physical relationship appropriate and active?
3. After executing my daily chores/responsibilities, do I still have energy to enjoy my family?

If I can answer yes to all these questions, I’ve obviously created a body I control and it’s a body that helps me be the best woman I can be.

If I decide to do a little “re-sculpting” that’s fine, but my motivation should be fueled by personal desire.

I should never change my body because of a “comparison mindset”…I will not look like the models on TV, I won’t even look like my sweet friend who was able to wear her size 6 jeans while leaving the hospital after giving birth! Nope, that’s not happening – is it because I’m lazy or incapable? NOPE…it’s because I AM ME and I like it that way.

God made each of us unique and our children are watching us to see if we are willing to accept and be good stewards of what God gave us to work with.

So what are you doing to control your body and create a body that will work for you in fantastic ways for decades to come?

Share your daily/weekly activities and secrets that keep your body working for you in the comments – I can’t wait to hear how you take everyday events and make them creative solutions!


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