Kasey Johnson has been invited to speak and sing for international conferences, mother’s groups, women’s events and educational conferences.  Kasey has been a featured speaker for the MOPS international, Church of the Nazarene District and Lillenas conferences.

If you need a speaker and/or musician for your next church, women’s or mother’s event you have come to the right place.

Kasey has appeared on the Dr. Phil show as an invited guest to share her thoughts concerning mothers who work versus mothers who stay home.  She has written and led Bible Study groups for adolescent girls and is currently working her next book project.  Dr. Johnson’s first book, “7 Ways To Be A S.M.A.R.T.E.R. Mom” has become a favorite resource for mothers across the country.

No matter the age, gender or spiritual depth of your group, Kasey has a message to fit your event, encourage the women you work with and help you enjoy planning and participating in the ministry that you support.

Some of Kasey’s topics include (but are not limited to) the following:

*  5 Parenting Essentials : Learn the 5 most valuable action words you can use as a parent to connect with your child no matter their age

Standing In The G.A.P. : message directed at women’s ministry and teen girls about building community, support and intercession for each other

Perpetual Purpose : a challenging and encouraging message about having a perspective beyond the issues and daily tasks that seem to take up so much of our time – why are we really here?

*  Staying Filled Up While Being Poured Out : helping ministry leaders learn the four pillars to a spiritually balanced and healthy life as they serve people in their church and community

*  Educational Entities : let Kasey take the myth and intimidation out of the world of education while empowering your parents, pastors and families to tackle school-related issues and homework battles – walk away with a plan that works for your family and student

*  The Joy of Resting: reconnect with what it means to rest in the Lord and allow Him to be your rock, fortress, deliverer and yes…peace

A Me Makeover: your women’s and mother’s group will discover a fresh way to apply the truths from Ephesians 2:8-10 and what they mean in our materialistic, image-driven society

What’s Love Got To Do With It: allow scripture, stories and humor to help your group understand and show love in a new way to everyone in their family

And many, many more!

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“Kasey combined practical, take home tips with humor. It was so entertaining and yet I got the point! I loved hearing her speak!” Heather (Belews Creek, NC) 

“Kasey, your talk was wonderful!  Thank you so much for coming to our MOPS group!  I wish I could get a weekly (or heck, even daily) dose of optimism and wisdom from you about parenting my boys and just living life as a wife, mom, and daughter.  Thank you again and I can’t wait to read your book and hopefully hear you speak again in the future!” Angela (Shawnee, KS)

“Kasey, you were amazing at our MOPS group today. I could use someone like you to give me that pick me up I need daily. You truly are an inspiration! I look forward to hearing you again! Can’t wait to start reading your book!!”             Dana M (Santa Clarita, CA)


1. Where are you located?  Kansas City

2. Is there a set speaking fee to have Kasey come?   Because each event and each group has varying needs and expectations we take things one event at a time. Once we know what you need and where you are located you will receive future details and proposal.  We will work with your group leaders and we will try to find other groups in your area that need Kasey to speak.  We believe that God will make it possible for us to minister together, we simply need to know that you are seeking more information so send us an email ASAP!

3.  Our group meets during the day, is that a problem? Currently our schedule is full during the days but evenings and weekends are available.

4. Does Kasey travel?  Yes. Although travel involves extra costs we can usually work with other groups in your area and churches to help cover the cost of travel.

5.  Our group doesn’t usually pay speakers, would Kasey still be able to come?  Here are some strategies other groups with similar situations have done to bring Kasey to their group:

*  A church in the area will host a community event or celebration and ask Kasey to be the main speaker and/or musician.  Kasey will then stay over during the week to speak to any Mother’s groups in the area.

*  Several mother’s groups will join together and combine their resources to create an event for their community or they will have a training event for the leaders of their group.

*  A church will ask Kasey to be their key-note speaker for a Sunday morning, a weekend women’s retreat, spring brunch or other women’s event.  When Kasey comes she can also speak for mother’s groups.

Some of the groups Kasey has been able to speak to and work with include:

* International church of the Nazarene (T.E.A.M. district building seminar, M11 conference presenter in Kentucky)

* Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS) international

* Women’s brunch, Women’s fall retreats and Mother’s groups key-note speaker (Colorado, Missouri, Kansas, Tennessee, Arizona, California and more!)

* Olathe School District

* Focus On the Family (guest columnist for publication “Thriving Family”)

1 Response to “Speaking”

  1. 1 Laura October 8, 2011 at 1:41 PM

    Hi, Kasey….When you came to my church about 5 months back I remember all the bags you showed us in life. The one I was most intriqued about was the very last one….the small one where my husband and I will be all alone without children. I want to be able to have that fun little purse to take with me but if my husband and I do not continue to stay friends during our child rearing days, there will not be a purse. I appreciate you being real with us. You are right and as hard as it is to keep our relationship fresh with small children, we have to do it so we can enjoy each other when the kids are all gone. Thank you so much for what you do!

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