Storms come and go. Riding them out takes some serious patience and strength. I’ve decided to start thinking parenting a teenager is a lot like riding out a storm.

Storms in the Midwest can be brutal. They come up quickly and they can destroy a specific area and skip another area. A storm can come on a beautiful, clear day with almost zero warning. We have sirens and our meteorologists try their best- but mother nature sometimes has other plans.

Teenagers are like Midwest storms. They can come out of no where and leave a path of destruction.

The destruction from my last post ended up being pretty bad, but the clean up and restoration process is continuing. You see – I don’t want these moments to define my relationship with my kids, but it’s so difficult to keep perspective. Some of you responded to the last post with such sweet words of encouragement and yes – perspective.

Storms are unpredictable and they can’t be managed – only endured. So I’ve decided to keep my eyes focused on the One who provides shelter from the storms of life. My Creator. My God who knows my heart and knows the true needs of my boy.

He also knows the future.

God keeps reminding me of the following things:

It’s not my job to ensure my son knows the Lord. The Lord doesn’t need my help.

It’s not my job to fix my boy.

It’s not my job to control things.

It’s my job to guide, to love, to live out my faith. I’m keeping my focus on the One who holds the past, present, and future.

I’m growing and learning and I’m so thankful to have this beautiful community around me on the journey.

You are a blessing to me!


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