Phone, Keys, The Mall…Humility

keysIt really is only fair that I wrote a book about living an ordered, organized life and years later find myself in one of the most chaotic, random, frustrating, anxiety-producing evenings I’ve ever had.

My mom was in town, she had taken my nieces to the mall and we were meeting them there to hang out. Mom wanted to take my oldest son to find a couple of things for school so I agreed to watch the girls in the play place.

A while later the girls and I met up with my mom and shopped some more. Mom took the girls home while Matthew and I left the mall and headed to another store. After our last stop we were exhausted and finally able to head home.

I started looking for my phone and that’s when the adventure started…

My phone was missing.

We made a U-Turn and checked the last store…nothing.

The mall was closing in 10 minutes.

We retraced our steps, literally running through the mall.

We were trying to use “Find My iPhone” only to discover my phone was “offline” – ugh!!

We were five minutes from the mall closing and suddenly my phone came back online.

That’s when we saw it moving across the mall!

We began running, certain we’d find the phone in someone’s hands. My emotions were racing. All the pictures I would lose, the contact information…how could I have been so careless!?

We finally found the phone…thankfully someone had turned it in (God bless honest people!)

We made it out of the mall as they locked the doors behind us.

As we walked across the parking lot I began searching for my keys.

You guessed it – no keys.

I felt completely overwhelmed as I looked at my 12-year-old and said, “I can’t find my keys.”

His response… “Are you serious?”

Within 3 hours I had lost my phone, and now my keys.

As I called my husband to bring us the spare keys I felt the tears welling up. My emotional and physical energy was zapped.

Throughout this whole ordeal my son never looked at me with shame, frustration or anger. He just helped me.

I couldn’t help but think of the many times I’d grown frustrated with my children for losing things for causing me delays.

How often had I asked my children, “How can you lose something you just had in your hands!?”

I was humbled and I was reminded that I am human too.

Why is it that I expect grace from my children when I mess up but I struggle to extend the same amount of understanding and patience to my family?

I’m certain I will continue to grow frustrated when my children make silly mistakes…and they will grow frustrated with me…

But wouldn’t life be better if we all took a deep breath, remembered our own shortcomings and THEN responded to the people around us?

That night my son was able to watch my husband show me compassion and support.

I found my keys two days later. I had left them at a Kiosk in the mall.

So now I have my keys, my phone, and yes – a refreshed, humble spirit.

Have you ever experienced a humbling moment?

Would you share it with us so we can all feel a bit more normal?

I hope you have a wonderful day full of keys, phones and finding everything you need the FIRST time you look for them.





1 Response to “Phone, Keys, The Mall…Humility”

  1. 1 lindseymbell September 3, 2014 at 10:05 PM

    Wow…ya know, I have never really thought about how loving and patient my kids are with me before. But you’re right. When I mess up, they are so understanding (something I’m not all the time). I need to take a lesson from them!

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