Amazon Amazing!

mom essentialsOkay, here’s the challenge –

Because you guys are so brilliant and amazing, I’m reaching out to you for some help.

I need to move this Bible Study off the shelves of book stores so fast their heads spin!

I love being women who make waves and upset systems – don’t you!? Okay, maybe I’m alone in that pursuit – but I would love to see the Smarter Moms community come together and show my publisher how many moms want to grow individually and as a group.

Forward this email to everyone you know, talk to your pastor, your neighbors, your mom’s group leadership…and let’s make this happen!

The official release date is July 1, 2014 (Ahhhhhh!!!!!! I’m so excited! It’s been a long 3 years waiting for this day!)

On July 1 the following items will be available on my website and through Facebook:

1. Introductory and closing videos you can download for FREE!

2. Downloadable and printable leader’s guide (this has everything from group discussion questions to ideas for what kind of speakers to have come to your large group or what topics to discuss amongst you and your friends)

3. A weekly connection to a blog tour we’ll be doing so you can discover all the amazing mom blogs out there and what they think of Mom Essentials.

4. An opportunity on Facebook to win prizes for posting selfies with the book, for providing your favorite quote or story, etc…

To help get you started, click HERE to download a chapter for FREE!!!

So here we go…

Click on the links below and let’s do this thing!

Head over to Amazon or Barnes and Noble and order away! Get a bunch of books for your mother’s group or those sweet friends you meet at the playground – you can do this!

Thank you for being so amazing and being such an important part of this journey – you are wonderful!!!


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