The Mommy Behind the Magic

frozenOkay, I admit it – I am ADDICTED to everything related with the Disney movie, Frozen.

Seriously, the characters, voices, composers, soundtrack…all of it has captured me and I’m not really sure why. I shouldn’t be ashamed, but I’m surprised by it. I haven’t been this enthralled with a show since I saw Wicked.

Perhaps my role as the sole female in this house has driven me to find a way to escape from the dirt, wrestling and burping currently surrounding me.

Being that I have every song memorized from BOTH shows and Idina Menzel is in BOTH shows – so I have to believe her presence has helped solidify my desire to listen to these brilliant songs again and again. Unfortunately most Americans met Idina when John Travolta butchered the pronunciation of her name at the #Oscars

But Idina is more than just an award-winning, super-talented actress and singer – she’s also a mom. Ilana Wiles interviewed Idina on her program, “The Mommy Show” – a fantastically real, hilarious set of Mommy Shorts.

This video was released long before Frozen came to the theaters and I’m certain Idina’s family is loving having a “princess mommy” that’s just like you and me. I know you’ll enjoy seeing this human side of the beautiful voice and actress so many of us have come to love and appreciate.

I hope a song is in your heart as you go through your day and you enjoy a good laugh during each mommy moment of your day.

CLICK HERE to watch the interview from”The Mommy Show” and meet the REAL Idina – the mommy behind the magic princess and amazing voice :o)

You are amazing!



1 Response to “The Mommy Behind the Magic”

  1. 1 Family to the 5 Power! March 12, 2014 at 10:13 AM

    We are huge fans of Frozen in our house! Your post led me to click on the Mommy Show, and because I missed her singing at the Oscars, I hadn’t made the connection that Idina was the actress from Enchanted. My girls were just thrilled to see her on the Mommy Show and then we watched the Oscar performance on youtube. Thanks for the post!

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