Open BibleHave you ever been hurt, I mean REALLY hurt – to your core – by someone you thought loved you? I’ve met more mothers than I’d like to admit who’ve been hurt by their families, husband, even their children. Hurt happens because we live in a fallen, sinful world. So praying the next line in our series can become VERY difficult when we’ve been hurt. However, because we are committed to making the Lord’s prayer our own we can’t ignore this very important, yet sometimes difficult line…so let’s start from the beginning and pray for God’s guidance:

“Our Father in heaven,
hallowed be your name,
your kingdom come,
your will be done,
on earth as it is in heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread
And forgive us our trespasses
As we forgive those who trespass against us.

     Throughout my travels I find myself blessed to meet and speak with women from across the country who are dealing with the same issues, temptations and frustrations. We’ve been hurt, forgotten, used up and some of us have been truly abused. So when we experience this kind of betrayal how do we move past it?

    Karen (not her real name) approached me after a women’s event and shared that she recently discovered her husband of 27 years was having an affair. To make things worse, her husband’s mistress was young enough to be her daughter and was pregnant. I could see the hurt in Karen’s eyes. We hugged for quite a while and I wondered how this woman was handling things with such grace and strength.

    She’s beyond denial and anger. Karen is now dealing with what it will mean to forgive. Not forget or ignore – but forgive. The evening we met I had shared with the group my favorite challenge from Oswald Chamber’s “My Utmost For His Highest”. I’ve shared this quote in other posts but I believe it was what the Lord wanted Karen to hear that night and I believe it’s a challenge that can change ALL of our lives. Chamber’s writes:

“Do I really dare to let God be to me all that He said He would be?”

    If I DARE to let God be my everything I won’t have room for fear, anger, resentment, despair…all the tools Satan tries to use to bring us down. No, no, no. God said he would be my hope, my strength, my source of identity, my refuge, my strong tower – HE CAN BE MY EVERYTHING – IF I’ll let Him.

    Karen and I discussed how much easier it is to hold on to a hurt than to let it go. When we are holding on to our hurt, when we boldly display a red “V” for victim on our clothing and life – we have an identity. Suddenly we are so focused on our pain we can’t see any way out, we don’t hear anything else and we can’t feel any other way. We are consumed.

    But my God is a God Who came to free us from the traps of this world. He sees our hurt and I believe He hurts WITH us. He longs for us to have joy and peace. Thankfully He is a patient God and He knows what we need, even in the darkest hour.

   So if God is taking care of us, what keeps us from finding freedom and being able to forgive? One word: fear.

   Don’t be afraid to let go. The situation still happened. That person is still (most likely) in the wrong. When we refuse to forgive we wear a heavy robe of darkness and despair and each day it becomes more and more difficult to take it off.

God wants to release you from the weight of being hurt. Let Him be everything He promised He would be. In our darkest hour God’s light can shine through. Even if it’s a sliver of light, follow it…hold on to it…more is coming…don’t give in to the darkness of an unforgiving spirit!

God has forgiven us, we are ALL sinners saved by grace. In our humanity it is difficult, but not impossible, to forgive those who hurt us. Don’t let someone trespass on your peace and joy. Don’t allow them that power over you. Your God is bigger, stronger and mightier than the hurt. Let Him come in and heal you – He loves you so much!

You are a blessing to me and I pray you feel God’s presence throughout your day. When we are willing to let God be our everything we can find the strength to freely GIVE the forgiveness that was so freely given to us by our Creator God. It’s a new day, you are an amazing woman and your strength is awe-inspiring!

Matthew West’s song, “Forgiveness” is an amazing prayer. Click on the link below to hear the story behind the song and to hear Matthew perform it. Enjoy!

The Song

The Story behind the song “Forgiveness”

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