Planned Prayer

day timerAnyone who knows me understands my almost ridiculous need to have and make a plan.

I can ruin an impromptu event faster than anyone and I struggle to accept changes to a plan that’s been set in place/

Let’s just say it: I’m a control freak – but I’m a control freak that is working on NOT being one…thank you in advance for your patience. 😮

One of my favorite things to do is to hold my new, crisp planner for the coming year. Last week I went to the store to get mine and immediately began filling the 2013-2014 year with important events like birthdays, anniversaries, trips…things I’m certain will occur.

As I was writing down my middle son’s birthday, it hit me…

What makes me so certain? What makes me think I can plan an event and will happen?

I don’t want to be morbid or live in fear but let’s face it – I don’t know what tomorrow holds and I can’t control the future {gulp}.

Many of our family members live in Moore, OK and when the F5 tornado hit their town, I was reminded how fast things can change.

Disappointment happens. Life can be cut short. Living on earth can sometimes really stink.

That’s when I decided to keep planning, to keep hoping, but to also make prayer more of a PLANNED part of my day instead of an afterthought.

I tend to pray at night. It’s when I unpack my day and think about what is coming next. Prayer helps me release the day and all the activities in it. Night is when I can be still and quiet before the Lord and just listen – it’s a great place to be as I drift off to sleep.

But as I looked through my planner, I felt a pressing in my spirit to write down specific topics, people, even issues to pray about.

If you looked in my day timer you’d know when I plan to clean out the fridge or change the air filter. If those events reserve room within my daily plans, how much more should I write down a reminder to pray!?

Kat, from Inspired to Action, creates a monthly prayer calendar. I’ve started printing this awesome resource and hanging near my desk at work. When I’m not at work I have my planner with me. Even though I don’t write something down each day, I decided to write down a person’s name at the top of each month. When I open my planner to check upcoming events (this happens at least 10 times a day) I now see that name and whisper a prayer for them.

I need reminders. I thrive when I have a plan – it keeps me focused and helps me relax.

I hope to become someone who prays without ceasing. But for now I’ll have to be someone who plans her prayers.

How do you keep prayer an active part of your daily life?

When do you pray?

Do you need reminders like I do?

I’m praying for you and your important, amazing call to fulfill your role as a Mother. I’m praying God’s strength, peace and hope over you – you are such an encouragement to me!

Thank you for sharing this blog with others and for taking time to leave a comment – have a wonderful day full of plans and prayers!


1 Response to “Planned Prayer”

  1. 1 Malissa Raphoon May 28, 2013 at 6:03 PM

    Kasey, I am very much a planner as well! I feel much more secure knowing I have a plan! Life events in the last year have cleared out my future calendar, and BOY am I learning an important lesson! Sometimes God can drastically change the direction of our lives, and it is important to be flexible. I guess my plans were not in line with HIS plans and He is completely reshaping my future. I cannot begin to tell you how terrifying and frustrating it is that I cannot even see a glimpse of what He has in store for me. God has impressed upon me that my security and future is entirely in His hands, and he has given me a break from planning my own life. 😉 I just wish I was not so stubborn! But I am learning to live my life for the moment…one day at a time. My future, at this point is a mystery to me, but thank goodness I am not completely in the dark! His light in my life is like a flashlight and I am only able to see as far ahead as my flashlight will light…just one step at a time. I can see His provision and grace when I look back behind me and see how far I’ve come, and that gives me hope and assurance in the things ahead that I cannot yet see. I think it is OK to still make tentative plans, but I will never again assume that I can plan or know what my future holds. I love the saying, “I may not know what the future holds, but I know who holds my future!” And that is enough for me! Love you Kasey!!!

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