Our Father in Heaven, hallowed be your name…

Open BibleWhat wakes you up in the morning?

Most of us wake up to an alarm clock. But what kind of alarm clock is it?

One powered by electricity, or one powered by hungry little ones?

There was a time with my waking and sleeping were decided by the sounds emanating from our baby monitor. Each coo, cry, even grunt demanded my attention. Some of my most precious memories involve walking into our son’s room in the morning. After watching him play in his own little world I’d whisper, “Good morning baby”. Our eyes would meet and a smile would spread over his face. When he was old enough, he’d pull himself up and peer over the railing of his crib. He’d begin to bounce up and down with excitement as I walked toward him.

Our children look for us, reach for us; they trust us.

Everyone loves to be wanted, appreciated and recognized. God’s the same way.

Jesus’ first sentence causes us to recognize where and who God is.

1. Our Father is in Heaven.

God’s perspective is bigger and better than ours. When we pray we must recognize that God is not trapped by time, space or any other limitations we face here on earth. God lives in our hearts and inhabits our prayers, all the while being seated on His throne in Heaven. We might not understand the “why” behind our situation, but we can trust WHO is behind it. God is never out-of-touch with our life or our needs. Pray with faith and trust that God IS moving, even when it feels as though things are standing still.

2. Our Father’s name is to be hallowed.

Hallowed is an adjective meaning, “holy, venerated, sacred” (thank you dictionary.com). His name is holy. Growing up I was taught to never use God’s name or anything that sounded like it in a vain or flippant manner. Call me old fashioned, but it seems sad that something has to be really amazing before it gets our attention and respect. God’s name is so much more than an identification – it’s a definition.

God, Jesus, Christ…names that bring healing, hope, peace – just because they are uttered! It really is amazing isn’t it?!

When I was in Junior High I had an amazing youth pastor, Paul Coates. His wife, Janet, was hilarious, honest and always looking to live out her faith in God. In February their grand daughter, Hannah, was diagnosed with a Wilm’s tumor, which is a cancerous tumor that grows out of the kidney.

Reading Janet’s posts on their Caring Bridge site reminds me daily how powerful prayer is and can be. I wanted to share some of Janet’s writings from two posts. Remember, this is a family that has served God and believes He is in control, but cancer is still their reality – I love how Janet makes prayer such a powerful part of this journey too:

“I was always told… “Prayer changes things”  Well, God changes things, but I think our prayers are just us taking time to ask in faith and then God loves that we listened and obeyed and He changes things.  Not only is little Hannah Jane seeing the benefits, but you are receiving the blessings of obeying, too.  Hmmmm…”

“Once again, God teaches me the power of the “fervent prayer of a righteous man (and woman and child) availeth much! ”  I don’t think we even know how much power we have in just whispering His name.  There used to be signs that were hand painted by an anonymous artist in the area and hung up at random places.  They said things like “John 3:16” , “God Loves You”,  “Jesus Lives” – well there was one that I saw occasionally and it said…”say the name – Jesus” and I would always say, out loud, “Jesus” and you know what?  It was like an immediate calm would just flow over my body.  From my head to my toes.  

 I just don’t think we plug in the power that we have available to us through the whisper of His name.  When is the last time you just “said the name – Jesus”?  Say the name – Jesus!”
If you’d like to follow Paul, Janet and Hannah’s journey click here.
Whatever is pressing in on your world today, take it to the God who is alive and active, living in Heaven – look for Him, reach for Him and let Him comfort you! Remember that just by speaking His name you are claiming all power on heaven and earth!
You are an amazing blessing!

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