The Good Fight

My Pa-paw was part of the “greatest generation”. He fought in WWII and lived to tell about his experiences on the battlefield.

Pa-paw had a 5th grade education, grew up with a step-mother that despised and abused him and yet his eyes sparkled with a joy that can only come from a tender and loving heart. As a newlywed Pa-paw headed off to war, leaving my Ma-maw to wonder if he would return.

When we asked Pa-paw about the war he would skirt around any gory details. He liked to tell about their experiences OFF the battlefield. When he did talk about particular battles he would tell us the big plan and his role in making it all happen. As a gunner he was exposed to loud shots.  As a result, he lost his hearing and experienced nerve damage on the left side of his face. Ask him if he’d do it again and he would say, “Yes! We had to – I was proud to fight for my country”.

War is messy. War is difficult. WAR – what is it good for?! (cue song melody). I would never suggest that war is the only way to solve things. The situation surrounding WWII showed how war defeated an evil man and changed the history books forever. But the loss of life and sacrifices along the way cannot be forgotten or overlooked.

Taking things from the world stage to our living room isn’t easy, but I’d like to propose that you and I are on our own battlefield, fighting a war.  And just like my Pa-paw, we have to fight – if we don’t no one else will!

Who are we fighting for? Our family.

Who are we fighting against? Society.

I don’t know about you, but our family is currently fighting against the enemies of:





and the BIGGEST enemy of all…..


From Television advertisements to Hollywood drama, our kids are inundated with a message of “me first”, “get it now”.

Our enemy is Satan and he is very cunning. Using tools that look, sound, smell and feel good, he wants to undermine what we are trying to create.

My ultimate desire is to raise children who are productive members of society. I pray they will become men who understand that hard work isn’t an option, it’s a necessity.

Over the next few weeks we are going to be taking a fresh look at the Lord’s Prayer. We’ll discover how it applies to our fight, what it means for us as parents and my prayer is that we will follow Christ’s example concerning how we should pray and in turn how we should live.

What about you-

What enemies are you fighting against?

Who are you fighting for?

How do you decide what to fight against and what to let go?

Leave your comments below and I can’t wait to take the battlefield with you!

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