My New S.P.A. Day

A couple of months ago my husband’s Uncle challenged us to run a relay marathon in Oklahoma City. When he first mentioned the idea I just laughed. You see I hated running and I’m not being dramatic – I truly hated doing it. I got bored, my knees started to hurt and I just didn’t see the point.

What saved me? Music. You can read more in my post Pavement Praise, but I will admit that music is still saving me from boredom and exhaustion. I’d venture to say the songs I listen to when I’m running create the most consistent-metronome-driven playlist in the world. I tend to run according to the beat I hear, so I make sure the songs keep me consistent and motivated.

Along with music my friends and family have helped me on this journey to conquer my disdain for running. According to my “runner” friends I needed three things in place to guarantee a successful training/running experience. They said I had to have:

1. Supportive shoes

2. Consistent Pace

3. Accountability

SUPPORT…For the first month during my training I was wearing shoes that were at least five years old. My Mother offered to buy me some new running shoes (she was worried about my knees) and I was happy to accept her gift. I bought my new shoes (pictured above) and hit the path with a renewed excitement.  I felt like I was floating on air! It felt like springs were in my shoes, lifting me off the pavement each time I tried to plant my foot. I had no idea how bad my old shoes were until I felt the amazing, wonderful support of my new shoes – running suddenly felt possible.

PACE…I finally understood the importance of pace when I found myself breathless and exhausted after only running 3/4 of a mile. After checking the app on my phone I realized my pace was simply too fast.  I could only maintain it for a short period of time and learned how to slow down so I could run farther. After multiple attempts, relying on my running app and pushing myself a bit more each time; I finally found a pace that allows me to run 5 miles in under an hour – this is something I didn’t even know was possible for me!

ACCOUNTABILITY…I would love to say I can try new things and be successful all by myself. In fact, I use to think that way…but my eyes have been opened. I’ve learned that when I partner with others who truly love and support me I’m more likely to find success. They don’t guilt me or put pressure on me, but I know they are watching, waiting and cheering me on.

In four days we will begin our race day in Oklahoma City. I’m starting to get nervous, wondering if I’ve done enough to prepare; and yet I’m thrilled to think I have met my goal.

As moms I think we all need a new kind of SPA day. A day of manicures, massages and facials would be wonderful – but those treatments only last for a short time. I’m talking about having a life-changing, growth-producing structure around us that endures the test of time.

Where does your support come from? Do you have friends that are experiencing the same seasons in life? Are you able to humble yourself and share honestly with them about your struggles? How about time with God. It doesn’t have to be an hour at dawn – God can minister to us while we are folding laundry or singing praise songs with the radio. The key is to seek Him out and allow the Holy Spirit to support you and partner with you. The only way we can be alone on this journey is if we choose to keep everyone else out and that is a sad, scary place to live. If you have a fantastic support group in place make sure they know how much you love and appreciate them – they are helping you continue each step of the way!

Pace isn’t a word we normally associate with parenting, but it’s a reality that can help or hinder our productivity. There are days that I wear my sweatpants and never leave the house. We play trains, watch television and simply enjoy each other. But if my pace is too laid back I can start to feel overwhelmed and lost in the never-ending tasks that I face each day. On the other hand, a hectic, frazzled pace can bring stress and anxiety to everyone in a house. Our pace has to match our purpose and when we find a pace that works we need to protect it from the Enemy’s temptation to add more things to our schedule. Fight for your family, protect your time and discover a pace of life that fits you!

Some women associate the word “accountability” as a negative term. I think it brings a positive and healthy perspective considering we live in a society that supports selfish ambitions and vain conceits. Do we have to tell everyone our secret desires or specific goals? NO! When we seek the Holy Spirit’s guidance we discover who, how, when and what to share. Trusting people is difficult for me, I’ve been burned too many times to count. But each time I open myself up and expose a tender, growing area of my life I enjoy the process more.

So what kind of SPA are you enjoying?

How’s your support, pace and accountability working in your life?

God has a wonderful plan for each of us and for our families. Our job is to allow each day to bring a new “SPA” experience and opportunity. Thank you for allowing me to share what He’s showing me – you are wonderful!


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