Life and Love

Imagine being pregnant and all the joy of a new life coming into the world. Now imagine balancing that joy with the devastating news that your husband is dying of complications from his treatments for Colon Cancer. I remember the hormonal and emotional rollercoaster I experienced during pregnancy and I have to admit – I’m not sure I would be able to deal with everything.

Diane Aulger was in this exact situation a short month ago. When they realized treatment and surgeries were no longer an option concerning her husband’s life, death seemed to have the final say. But Diane wasn’t going to allow her husband to leave this earth without meeting his unborn daughter. By inducing labor 2 weeks early, Diane released her desire to have a natural birth and allowed medicine to escort her daughter into the world a bit early.

According to the news story, Diane’s husband Mark was able to hold his baby girl before dying a short five days later.

I really wish I knew this Mom. I wish I could go over to her house and shower her with praise and support. She is so brave!  She set her own expectations of a birthing plan aside so that her husband could have some precious moments with his baby girl. Diane has four other children and I’m sure they are all missing Mark.  I don’t know why bad things happen to good people, I don’t think I’ll ever totally understand it. I do, however, know the power behind people doing good things even during a really bad situation. The love these three shared in those precious moments will be something Diane will remember the rest of her life.

Love is a powerful force that can help even the worst situations seem bearable. I pray for this family, that they know the love of friends and family and most importantly the love of God in their life.  Reading about this situation has reminded me to shower my children and husband with love and cherish the moments I have with them.

Diane, wherever you are, I think you are doing an amazing job and I know Mark is looking down on you with a thankful and loving smile on his face!

I’m going to send a text to my hubby and go hug my kids right now!


Click this link to read the entire article from the Associated Press:

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