Three’s Company

This month the lovely folks at Hearts at Home presented a great question to all of us Blog Hoppers.  They asked us when we realized that we weren’t alone on this journey called motherhood.

You know that old saying “Three’s a crowd”? Well, I whole-heartedly disagree, at least when it comes to being a Momma.

When I discovered I was pregnant I began the ever-familiar struggle in my heart and mind: to stay home or keep working.

I sought out everyone’s opinions and began planning for both scenarios. One of my students came to me after class to share that her mom ran a Daycare out of their home.  After touring other child-care centers and picturing me and our baby in the house all day I was truly relieved to meet my student’s mother  – Connie.

Connie, Matt and I made a great trio while raising our son, Matthew.  I had no idea how little I knew and how much help I would need.

I realized that Connie wasn’t there to replace me, she was there to help me raise my son.

I followed her lead, asked her questions and relied on her to tell me when the next milestone or schedule change should occur.

She was a support for me and she never made me feel bad for working full-time…she was simply my partner in parenting.

When I was able to stay home and raise our boys I found support through my friends, but I truly believe that my initial days of parenting would have been a very difficult journey had it not been for Connie and the wisdom she shared with me.

I hope all of us have a Connie in our life. Someone who is just a few milestones ahead of where we are and can help us navigate the treacherous path of parenthood.

Enjoy the journey!


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