Year In Review

One of my favorite things to watch on TV during this season are all the Christmas specials and the “best of” shows.

I’m such a sucker for watching someone else take a 12-month block and condense it down into an hour-long show.  Regardless of the topic I tend to watch and think, “I forgot about that!” or “That happened this year!?”.  Sometimes I’m truly shocked that particular topics even get time on the air (like “the year’s worst break-ups”).

Looking back is a fantastic way to keep us looking forward. What did we learn this year?  What new things did we try?  What goals did we accomplish?

There are seasons as a Mom when we are literally living hour-by-hour. Ask any mom with a newborn and a toddler in the house. She isn’t thinking about her investment portfolio or what fashions will emerge next season. She is keeping track of feeding schedules, nap times and constantly creating activities to keep everyone’s hands busy and spirits positive.  Seasons with young children are different from times when we have school-age and older children. As our kids grow we gain the time to start living more of a goal-oriented life.

Thinking back to last Christmas I can clearly remember particular goals or events that I was specifically aiming for during 2011. Some have occurred, some haven’t.  But I had a plan in mind and what made that plan stick was the fact that I wrote it down.

Each goal, each dream, each question for the year was written down in my journal and over the last year I’ve had a front row seat to watch God move in my life.  I have to tell you, some doors that I wanted to have opened and some plans I had wanted to complete have NOT come together as I would have liked. But I’ve learned along the way how to listen, wait and watch God move.

I’m still growing and learning. God is my parent and He is still teaching me how to trust Him with my career, my family, our finances and my purpose.  But I’m trying to do my part when it comes to forming my perspective and creating my goals.

What about you. If you had to pick a word to describe 2011 what would it be?

Or finish this statement: 2011’s theme for our family was ______________

I have some friends that would answer with the words: potty-training, victory, moving, discovery, travel, love and even grief.

No matter the word you choose to describe your year I hope all of us can add the word GROWTH.

Whether through a life-changing event or daily discoveries – we have to keep growing.

What if we sat down with our family and created our own best/worst list from the past year.  What would some members of our family remember that we forgot?  What events would come to the forefront and which ones would blend into the blur that is the past?

There’s something about remembering that causes our perspective to become clear and defined.  When we look back we see that indeed we HAVE grown!  We HAVE discovered new things and that’s something to be celebrated!

When I reflect on our year I can remember some very exhausting and stressful moments. These were times when I cried out to God and wondered how things were going to work out. Now that I’m here – in the future – having survived those events; I don’t discount what I felt back then but I remember that God was faithful and that season didn’t last forever (even though it felt like it would).

So the next time I experience something like that I will respond with hope, faith and strength a little bit faster – I have a memory that is helping me grow.

During this month try to take time to look through pictures from the year, ask your children questions and really listen to their answers. The important thing to remember is to be cautious about reminding children of their failures or difficult times.  If your kids are old enough to remember those times let them bring up the memory. Watch them process it and reflect on it.

We are excellent models for our kids when we share a memory, process the emotions we were feeling at the time and how we are moving forward now. They will listen and watch us and one day they will apply the same “growth mindset” to their own situations.

I hope your year-in-review is a wonderful time full of laughter and memories. If you’ve lost a loved one this year I pray you will remember not only their impact on you but remind your children of the impact they had on the world around them.

You are doing an amazing job and I know 2012 will only bring more accomplishments, growth and wonderful memories for you and your family.

Under the title of this post is a button for comments. If you’re comfortable, would you mind sharing the one word that describes your year? Or perhaps elaborate on why that word is appropriate? Your memories might help the rest of us grow and THAT is a good thing 😮

Thank you for being a part of this community and for making this such a great year!

Blessings on you and your family!


5 Responses to “Year In Review”

  1. 1 Alyssa Johnson December 13, 2011 at 3:30 PM


  2. 2 Lindsey Bell December 8, 2011 at 2:52 PM

    I have two words: grief and hope. The year started with three miscarriages but it’s ending with an adoption-hoping to finalize it on Dec. 16th. God can turn any situation, no matter how awful, into something positive.

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