Thrive without Five

I love meeting and networking with the awesome women in the blogging world. One group that is really wonderful (and funny) are the bloggers with Hearts at Home. Each month we are given a topic to cover and then “hop” around to each other’s blogs and see what everyone has written.

This month we were asked to write about 5 things that we are living without or have given up so that our family can have more. When I first read this prompt I couldn’t think of anything we are living without – but then I started to really analyze my life before 3 kids and after…needless to say, my eyes were opened.

When I think about what I don’t have I try to remember how incredibly blessed I am. So please don’t interpret the following items as complaining or whining – my life is amazing, it really is. And even though times are tough for our family, we have a roof over our heads, clothes on our back and food in our stomachs…plus, we aren’t alone – these are tough times for everyone!

In an attempt to keep things light, while realizing I have chosen to let go of some “extras”; here are the top 5 extras I’ve been living without and doing so our family can have more…

5. Starbucks coffee – we bought a Keurig and I make my own…my friend Kim helps me learn how to make new combos that taste just like the real ones for less than a dollar!

4. Pedicures and Manicures – My feet and hands are rough, calloused and dry – but they are hands and feet that help me get things done. When my mom or mother-in-law come to town they treat me to some hand and feet time and boy do I love it!

3.  Clothing – I haven’t shopped in a “real” store in a very long time. Second-hand stores, garage sales, hand-me-downs from family members and grandparents make clothing my children a much easier issue to deal with. I’ve discovered some great finds and I love bragging about the deals I find.

2.  Make-Up – I can tell a difference, but I’ve learned how to make the drug store, off-brand make-up work on my face. I have to spread the eye-shadow a little differently and the lipstick doesn’t last as long but honestly; I don’t wear make-up every day so it works out!

1.  Going out to eat – When I worked full-time I found the drive-thru and “kids eat free” offers a complete life saver. Now that I am home I’ve committed myself to using coupons, grocery lists and recipes to help the food I purchase go further, last longer and make multiple meals.

I hope I’m not alone.  Is anyone else giving up any extras so their family can have an awesome existence?

We’re in this together! Our family comes first and really, all of these items pale in comparison to the people in my life.  This is just a season and I have no complaints.  I’m willing to work a little harder to find the deals, wait a little longer to buy the gadgets and resist society’s sales so I can give my family more.

Hang in there sister and I’ll see you in the sale aisle! 😮

4 Responses to “Thrive without Five”

  1. 1 Julie Sanders@Comehaveapeace November 18, 2011 at 3:38 PM

    You’re not alone … mani/pedis are only part of my life when they’re a blessing from a friend or gift for a special occasion. In between, I scrub hard and go with “clean is beautiful.” 😉

    Blessings from the HAH blog hop,

  2. 3 Susan Heim on Parenting November 17, 2011 at 4:39 PM

    I laughed when I read your comment that you don’t shop for clothes in a “real” store! I can’t remember the last time I went to the mall. All of my clothes (and my family’s) now come from the discount stores. But that’s okay — I’d be afraid to cuddle my messy kids in expensive designer clothes!

  3. 4 November 17, 2011 at 4:14 PM

    Can’t get the linky to work…
    Anyways, you are definitely not alone (although sometimes it can feel lonely–I will admit!!). God always provides though! 🙂

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