Relive, Remember, Redo

I was making my usual rounds to the boys’ rooms, saying final good nights and giving sweet dream kisses; secretly excited to have a moment with my husband after a full day.

Leaving my oldest son’s room I heard, “Hey Mom? Can I talk to you about something?”.

I’m embarrassed to admit it – but for a split second I wanted to just keep walking down the hall as if I hadn’t heard him. I was exhausted and I just wanted to cuddle on the couch with my man…

Thankfully I did what was right.  I turned around and became keenly aware that this was going to be one of “those” moments – one I’d remember for a long time – and I was right.

“Mom, I’ve been thinking about some days that I would want to relive.”


“Yeah.  I think I’d like to go back to my 8th birthday party at the pool.  Remember how Tyler couldn’t pass the swimming test?  I just wish I could go back and I would have waited for him longer instead of going ahead and getting in the water with all my friends.”

My mind was racing.  What made him think of this, what did it all mean and how could I help him release this guilt he was feeling?

“Honey, it is so sweet that you are worried about Tyler, but I think there’s one detail you forgot about that day.”


“Well, after Tyler failed the swimming test he was embarrassed and a little frustrated.  So we asked everyone to give him some space so he wouldn’t feel like everyone was staring at him and putting pressure on him.  I think I actually told you to go ahead and start swimming.”

He sat there thinking everything through, gave a half-smile and a satisfied, “hmmm”

I asked if there were any other days he’d like to relive and he said yes –

“The day we went to Disneyland.”  I think he could tell I was struggling with that one…what in the WORLD would he want to redo about that day?  He went on to say, “I just had so much fun and we were all there together and well – that’s one day I’d like to have again.”

I sat there looking at this sweet boy who is already processing regrets and memories.  He’s NINE! What’s he going to do when he’s MY age?!

There are certain moments of my mothering career that I would LOVE to redo, even more that I’d like to relive and a million others I will always remember.

I guess that’s the most beautiful part about life, mothering and kids.

We’ll have moments that are so beautiful they leave an impression on our memory and bring a smile to our face.

We’ll have experiences that are so full we’d be thrilled to live it over again and again.

We’ll make decisions and respond in situations when we’re simply trying to do our best…and when we look back we think about how we would have done things differently.

No matter what I’m dealing with or how I respond I keep remembering Psalm 37:5…”Commit your way to the LORD; trust in Him”

If I’m constantly committing my ways (words, thoughts, actions, plans, goals) to the Lord, I can trust that He will guide me and hopefully I’ll have less and less days I’d like to redo.  As we commit our ways to the Lord and trust in Him he “will give us the desires of our hearts” (Psalm 37:4).

I’m not perfect – I’m just trying my best.  But even my BEST isn’t enough without the direction and leading that comes from the One who created me and wants the best for me.

Do you have any days you’d love to relive or that you’ll always remember?

Maybe a day when your kids discovered something about God or applied a trait you’d been teaching them for quite a while.

Would you take a moment and brag on your kids and leave a comment below?

Here’s to enjoying each moment and memory along the way!


1 Response to “Relive, Remember, Redo”

  1. 1 Elizabeth October 12, 2011 at 12:12 PM

    I heard you speak at BBM Rez West last night and you are amazing. I started reading your book last night. But the balance of Martha and Mary truly hit home for me! I am so working on not always being a Martha. Thanks for your inspiration.

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