Inside Interests

The heat wave has hit! some of us have to stay inside because even swimming in the pool doesn’t bring any relief – it’s crazy!

The following ideas are meant to be easy, enjoyable and most of all – accessible to you and your kids during those long summer days.  If you don’t need them now, perhaps you can revisit this post when winter hits and the cold winds are blowing.

Visit our earlier posts and share your ideas with us will you?  We need to hear from you, what worked and what NEW ideas you have!

Inside Interests

Indoor Baseball

What You’ll Need:

A bat…use an empty paper towel roll or wrapping paper roll and a ball…use a balloon

How It Works:

Take turns pitching, batting and running the bases.  Use the space you have available and watch your toddler’s hand-eye coordination develop. Broken balloon pieces can become a choking hazard – keep an eye on pieces left on the floor.

Bowling Buddies

What You’ll Need:

clean, empty containers (juice bottles, sturdy boxes, toilet paper rolls, etc) and a small inflatable ball

How It Works:

use a place matt or pillow to define the place where each child stands

with a light toss each child rolls the ball to knock down the containers

Want to take things a step further?  When my children starting learning how to recognize letters I began collecting empty apple juice bottles.  Once they were washed and tried I poured colors of tempera paint in each bottle, shook it to coat the inside of each bottle and then taped a type of card holder to the front of each bottle.  On 3×5 index cards I wrote a letter, then I would slip different letters in each card holder. We made up our own game so that with each bottle knocked down they earned one point. If they could recognize the letters contained in the front holder of the bottles they knocked down they got another point. As your children grow you can ask them to name an animal or word that starts with that letter and they can earn THREE points! Make this game work for you and the age of your children – have fun!

Here are a couple of pictures of my very homemade, but fun bowling set (notice the place mat I purchased at the dollar store – it works great for making sure everyone stands in the same place when bowling)..

Hello Jell-O!

What You’ll Need:

2-3 colors of prepared Jell-O

How It Works:

Place a few globs of different colored Jell-O on a high chair, plate or other plastic-covered surface and let your child make their own masterpiece.  The real bonus?  Eating it is safe and fun! (Make sure you have the floor covered underneath them and stain-safe clothes…Jell-O stains!)  Say hello to a new masterpiece and artist!

Flashlight Fun

What You’ll Need:

Flashlight, dark room (stuffed animals, household objects, anything else you need)

How It Works:

Whether each child has their own flashlight or one person is designated as the discovery leader; this game can last as long as you’d like.  Hide stuffed animals around the room and under furniture – then allow children to find the animals with their’s like your own little safari hunt! Instead of stuffed animals you can pick a color or shape that the kids can “hunt” for with their lights.  Keep it easy and fun and let the kids take the lead while coming up with new flashlight games…

Cereal Sand

What You’ll Need:

old or stale colorful cereal crushed up in a bag

How It Works:

using a popsicle stick or straw, spread glue on a paper plate or paper…allow children to crush the cereal in a bag and then dump it on the glue to make a fun, sand-like creation!

If rain, snow or heat keep you inside I hope these ideas will give you some quick, easy activities to keep the cabin fever away.  Have fun, be creative and let us know what you used and your new ideas! 😮


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