Red, White & Zoom!

I know people say it a lot, but seriously – how is the summer half over already!?!?!  Time is zooming past and I’m powerless to stop its influence! Suddenly my children are losing their baby fat, they are using words I’ve never heard them use before…it’s crazy to watch!

Have you ever visited a monument or building that rises high above a city? I’ve been to quite a few and I’m always in awe as to how small things look.  I watch the cars zip by under me, clueless that they are being watched from above.  Other times I watch the traffic stop and go, knowing that some of those cars are going to be stopped in a few blocks by a delivery truck they have yet to discover.

When I’m on top of the building, looking down, I have an outlook on the journey those cars don’t have.  But isn’t it funny that I don’t crane my neck to see the tops of buildings while I’m driving my car?  I don’t because that wouldn’t be safe and it’s important that I stay focused on driving and being in the moment.

The same is true for parenting.  Even when it feels like we’re stuck in a “traffic jam” of sorts – we have to know that it’s all about perspective, especially when we’re dealing with certain behaviors.  Whether it’s potty training, staying in their bed or learning how to share toys – we can feel like we’re fighting a never-ending battle and that we are alone.  Sometimes it’s hard to remember that our children will not stay in their current phase of life because in reality it can seem that they will NEVER figure things out.

The truth is we’re going to blink and suddenly we’re packing their bags for college.  As mothers it’s up to us to stop long enough to take a deep breath, get out of the proverbial “parenting car” and “traffic jams” to look at the bigger picture…get a new look at the situation and remember that we have other fantastic journeys and destinations waiting for us!

This kind of perspective – the idea that the moment we are in is precious and fleeting – is NOT a natural state of mind.

We live in a society that forces us to move fast, keep up with multiple sources of input and invest in social media in order to just stay connected!  None of these things are bad in their own right – in fact, they make my life fun and full – but I can’t apply this same approach when dealing with my children – I need to see the big picture and look at things in a fresh and new way.

When I’m helping my kids share their toys with a friend I’m thinking about what kind of person I want them to be toward their college roommate or future spouse. I don’t ignore them while they throw a fit.  Nope, I put down the phone, I leave the grocery cart, I stop talking with my friends at playgroup and I help them gain some perspective too. I realize that THIS moment, THIS tantrum is a beautiful chance to teach my child how to name, claim and tame their emotions.  Even if it means upsetting my social plans.

I might have to do these same things over and over again – but I won’t give up.  No matter how frustrating or exhausting the task – this won’t last forever, but how I handle it WILL.

Sound impossible?

Sound overwhelming?

Welcome to motherhood.

Just like my GPS helps me navigate the traffic, so scripture helps me navigate being a parent with a fantastic and real perspective.  Along with scripture I find myself holding tight to certain songs and lyrics that I hear.  Below is a link to one of my favorite songs, “Be Still” by Kari Jobe.  I hope these lyrics and hearing the song minister to your heart as they have to mine. When kids are crying, I’m surrounded by a messy house and my frustration level is rising the Holy Spirit brings this song to my mind and I just start to hum it to myself.

Let’s decide to be mothers of perspective, mothers who realize that each situation we handle now is building a foundation for how our kids will handle things in the future.  Each of you are the perfect mom for your kids.  Hang in there and know that I am praying for you and you are NOT alone.

Have a wonderful day!


Click here to listen: Be Still

1 Response to “Red, White & Zoom!”

  1. 1 Gerald Raquet July 20, 2011 at 3:57 PM

    Hi Kasey, We always wondered what happened to you. We picked up a copy of INSIGHT and there you were. We live just north of Atlanta and would love to hear from you.

    Jerry and Carol Sandness Raquet

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