Making A Splash

This week has provided our first real taste of summer.  We headed to the pool, thankful for a break from the rain and bizarre temperatures that have plagued the midwest where we live.

Everyone was covered in sunscreen, their floaties and goggles were in place so I pulled out  my book and settled into my warm seat.

The boys immediately jumped in, thrilled to feel the refreshing water and soon they asked me to join them.

Here’s the thing: I’m not a fan of cold water.  I don’t like the shock to my system and I REALLY don’t like leaving the warmth of my lawn chair. Cold water or not, how could I say no to their sweet faces!?

So now the real choice: jump in or ease into the frigid waters one limb at a time.

Sometimes the transition from school to summer brings the same option – do we jump in and just go for it or do we take the transition one step at a time, little by little.  Over the next couple months I will be sending you tons of ideas, challenges, projects and concepts.  You can jump in by applying everything you read or you can choose a couple of items to try.

No matter how you decide to process and apply these awesome summer options, just make sure that whatever you can pick fits your personality and the needs of your family.

The most important part of this summer is that we remember the motto of a Smart Mom:

A Smart Mom… knows her purpose, has a plan and is prepared


What’s your purpose for this summer?  Do you see yourself as simply the referee amongst teams trying to kill each other or are you the coach – the one rooting for your team, doing what is in their best interest (even if they don’t think it’s particularly fun) and helping them celebrate their victories – small and large.

What is your plan?  Some moms I meet say: I just don’t know how to plan, I don’t like doing it.  But to those moms I ask them how they were able to get out of the door that morning and get things done during the day…lo and behold they had a plan!  When thinking about your week, or your day, trust your style of planning and do what is comfortable for you.  There’s always a plan of some sort.  Without one we’d never have clean clothes, clean people, or food to eat!  Push yourself this summer – try something new!  Maybe write down your shopping list or plan one activity a week to start with.   You don’t have to have a plan for each minute of each day – just have an idea of where you want to go, how you want to get there and stick to it!

Are you prepared?  My friend Kim is the most prepared woman I’ve ever met.  She is amazing and one day I hope to be like her…but for now I’m doing the best I can.  When I have kleenex in the car and band aids in the swim bag I am REALLY doing well – I’m feeling prepared.  Outside of trying to keep every supply accessible, we need to be prepared to let our plan go if the people in our life need something different from what we had planned.

If we’re doing activities to look good in front of others or feel like a fantastic mom we’re being selfish.  When I read about a new idea or activity I only use it if it meets the following criteria:

1.   it will fill a specific, existing need

2.  my kids would enjoy it even more than I would

3.  the preparation won’t take more energy than it will give back

We’ve covered a lot in this post – but I hope it helps you navigate the onslaught of ideas, activities, suggestions and projects that will come your way during this awesome adventure of mothering :o)

You guys are wonderful – thanks for taking time to write a comment and forward these posts to your friends.

Enjoy each moment along the way!


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