Last night, around 11:30 Matt and I were sitting together, watching TV, when suddenly the tornado sirens began to blare.  We are lucky enough to have a siren perched on a pole across the street from our house.  When it goes off the windows rattle and there’s no escaping the siren’s cry.

My mind started racing and my feet joined in the rhythm.  I grabbed pillows and blankets, woke little boys with an urgent, but soft voice and we all made our way to the basement. Lying there with the boys I tried to keep things light.  I tried telling stories, imagining we were on a campout – even resorted to the cheesy recitation of the 24th Psalm.

When none of those approaches worked I thought of the animals stuck outside in this awful weather.  I asked the boys what they thought the birds, rabbits and frogs were doing during this storm.  suddenly they weren’t as focused on the sirens blaring, the rain pounding and the wind blowing…they were thinking about someone else…the animals.

So we talked about how the animals were safe.  In fact – the animals didn’t need an annoying siren – they knew the storm was coming before the meteorologist!  As we talked about how small the birds were compared to how big the storm was and how they didn’t have a basement, just outside.

I think it was easier for them to believe that God would completely protect the birds than believe that they were safe in our basement.

What is it about our humanity that allows us to believe God will provide, lead, heal and protect others and yet we crumble under the weight of our own fear the moment it whispers of possible failure or hurt?

I will immediately pray for the mother whose child had a seizure, or the family on the news that lost their belongings in a house fire.  So why, when my own children are struggling with their emotions or my work situation becomes more than I can bear do I start to strive and fret and reach for anything around me that feels productive & secure.

My Creator, my Heavenly Father…He gave me everything I need to deal with whatever comes my way – I do not have to be afraid!

We sing a song in our church and the words are simply: “Have no fear for God is near us. Have no fear for God is here.”

I’m learning how to be a woman, mother, wife & friend that senses when God is near – even in the midst of a crazy storm in my life – I want to believe that God IS with me.

I hope that fear is far, far, FAR away from you and your family.  I hope the storms stay far away from you – but when we are tempted to fear I hope each of us have friends we can lean on and a faith we can believe in!

God is near. (Closer than a whisper)

God is here. (He always has been)

God is enough!

1 Response to “Fear”

  1. 1 dcroy May 23, 2011 at 3:48 PM

    Your Dad remembers many storms – some of them were the weather kind – and it stirs up the recollection of the chorus to an old Mosie Lister song:

    Till the storm passes over, till the thunder sounds no more,
    Till the clouds roll forever from the sky;
    Hold me fast, let me stand in the hollow of Thy hand,
    Keep me safe till the storm passes by.

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