From My Boys

This picture shows me, my 3 boys and a beautifully decorated table with a complete meal on it.  The story behind the meal, the smiles and all the details is one I’ll never forget. 

It was the day before Christmas Eve, my in-laws were driving in from Texas and I was thrilled to finally get family here and start the Holiday celebrations.  They arrived around 3 in the afternoon and I then learned that my husband was going to come pick me up for a little “errand” at 4:30. 

I went along having no idea what the REAL plan was and after checking a few things off our to-do list my husband and I headed back home. When we walked in the house I found my 3 boys standing next to their grandparents, coats zipped up and grins splattered on their faces.

I didn’t understand this Rockwell-themed sight until I turned the corner and saw our dining room table.  The dozen roses, lit candles, rotisserie chicken, potatoes, salad, corn and special red drinking glasses made for a romantic atmosphere.  That’s when the story came together in my mind.  About 6 weeks earlier I had discovered a drawing in my oldest son’s room.  The drawing showed a long table, flowers in the middle, candles on either side and 2 chairs strategically placed at either end. I also found a check list with my mother-in-law’s name next to certain items and my husband’s name next to other items.

Basically my son Matthew, at the age of 8, had been making secret phone calls and delegating certain responsibilities to my husband and my husband’s mom during the last month and a half.  Matthew wanted to give me a Christmas gift of dinner, fully prepared, that we could enjoy in our home.  Matthew even instructed my mother-in-law exactly what food and decorations to pick up on her way here from Texas!

Matthew wanted dinner on the table and he asked my in-laws to take all the boys to McDonald’s to eat so Matt and I could enjoy a romantic dinner alone.  In our home.

The evening only became better when the boys gave me a little box that held a beautiful necklace and earrings (you can kind of see them on me in the picture).  My husband documented each boy’s Christmas wishes for me on a precious card and I was in tears.  Everyone involved in this little project agreed that while the end result was precious – getting there had proven to be more than they had bargained for. 

My husband said Matthew not only had a goal, he had a very specific plan for how to make it all happen, what it would look like and who would hold certain responsibilities along the way.

We ate our chicken and laughed at the fact that we had NEVER enjoyed a meal by ourselves in our home…that sounded almost bizarre to speak as a reality. Our smile turned to quiet as we realized that our kids are growing up and growing up fast. 

Their personalitites, insights and opinions are not only being formed – they are being expresed – and it. is. awesome.

Our dinner was fantastic.

The realization that my children wanted to do something for us was amazing.

These moments help me keep the smaller struggles and frustrations in perspective – it’s a goood thing 😮

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