Johnson Jargon

I don’t know exactly what goes on in heaven but I have to believe that the angels get a kick out of watching, listening and protecting children.  Children are fascinating! One of my friends just had a new baby and I love reading her comments on Facebook about how he cooed, giggled, wiggled and smiled while he passed gas…she is completely enamored with that baby boy and I think it’s awesome.

Sometimes the sweetness of an “awe” oozing from our lips over a newborn can quickly turn into a very loud and frustrating “ahhhh!”.  It’s just how life works – our kids grow, they get opinions and agendas and we try to manage their life, our life and the world that surrounds them (anyone else exhausted yet?)

A while back I decided to start documenting the things that my now not-so-small kids are saying and doing.  I figure if I write down the cute and funny things they do it will help me remember to go, “awww” over them when I really want to scream – “AHHHHH!!”

So I’m creating my own little page of Johnson Jargon and I hope these phrases make you laugh and remember how stinkin’ cute our kids really are and how incredibly creative our God is.

When you finish with my list would you click the comment button and share some of YOUR children’s “jargon” with us?  You guys encourage me so much when you visit and especially when you leave comments – thanks for taking time to share!


Peen-coo-ter = Computer

Candycan = Candycane

Patterin = Pattern

Sidewords = Sideways

Toys Are You = Toys R Us

“I’ll broom” = “I’ll sweep the floor”

                                 Last one for now…

I had asked Tyler multiple times to go upstairs, get his jammies on and get ready for bed.  It was one of those off nights when we had lots of events and people going in all different directions.  After looking up and seeing Tyler simply wandering around downstairs I went over, touched him on the shoulder and asked, “Tyler, where are you suppose to be headed right now?”

With a slight grin on his face he looked at me and asked, “Heaven?”

So there you have it – just a few phrases and moments that remind me to laugh and enjoy these precious little creatures God has given me.  I hope you are able to write things down and remember the fleeting moments that show us glimpses of our children’s individuality, creativity and potential!

You are wonderful – I can’t wait to read your jargon! 🙂

Have a fantastic day!


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