Hair today, gone tomorrow

I’m struggling with when and how to cut James’ hair.  You see, I love his hair…I mean I REALLY love it.  James has the most beautiful red hair.  It’s thick, gorgeous and gets attention from strangers.  People have asked if we highlight his hair and if he knows how beautiful it is.  Both questions receive a reply of “no” but it is nice to have people complement what God created.

I love running my fingers through his hair and I know from experience that once we cut his hair short he’ll look like  a kindergartener instead of a toddler…they grow up so fast…I’m just not sure if I want to help speed the process along with a “big boy” hair cut.

When I think about the REAL issues in life (finances, physical health, job security), hair length seems pretty low on the list.  I guess it’s because he’s my last little guy.  James will turn four in December and I’m excited to discover more about him.  He doesn’t have a strong opinion about much, but when I ask him about cutting his hair short he says he wants to leave it long – let the debate begin.

I am encountering more and more people (most of them older) who call him a girl and well – that’s just not cool for me or for him.  So this isn’t one of those life-changing, mind-rattling issues…but it is something we are talking about at our house.  For now we’ve got his 4-year-old pictures at Picture People and then we’ll decide…one last picture with long hair – it’ll be a great memory I’m sure :o)

When/if we cut his hair I’ll be sure to post pictures :o)


3 Responses to “Hair today, gone tomorrow”

  1. 1 moonbeamscoupons December 10, 2010 at 3:47 PM

    You know, I have a 20 mo old daughter and she has the most beautiful curls growing in. I use to work at Leila’s Hair Museum in Independence. In this museum there are hair wreaths and other “hair memorabilia” an din the olden days, little boys did not get their hair cut until they were much older. So if he loves his hair, and you do too, just let it grow. He will only be this age once, then save a lock of his beautiful hair and tuck it away on that faithful day that will come (and it will) and remember how beautiful it was when it was long. If he was begging to get it cut then I would, but he does not look like a girl! My daughter will be in complete pink, pony in her hair (with just a little sprig sticking out) curls everywhere, earrings in…and people say… “What a cute boy!” People just don’t pay attention, and that is ok. In this electronic fast paced world, sometimes just running your fingers through his hair is all that will keep you sane and well grounded.

    • 2 Kasey Johnson December 10, 2010 at 8:30 PM

      Sooo True! Thanks for saying he’s a cute boy – I have to tell you that I still get tears in my eyes when I think about cutting it so I’ve decided to wait a little longer…you’re right, he’ll only be this age for a short time – I’m sitting next to him on the couch right now and I’m looking at his beautiful red hair and smiling :o) Thanks for the word of encouragement to not give in to the pressure :o)

  2. 3 michaeldgreen December 1, 2010 at 4:35 PM

    Being a Guy that loves my long and short hair times of year. Winter for longer, Summer for shorter. Being 37 is hard to remember what 4 was like and my hair. I know all the cool uses for human hair like wigs for cancer survivors, the clean up of the oil slip this last summer. Cutting the hair now has a purpose, it involves a mission or goal. Not cutting the hair like Samson did as a promise to God, Tangled the movie which I’m sure were all going to see, long hair was always seen as a fight against the establishment.
    Those are all things that could be asked of your son, what kind of “kid” are you? Giving him the choice seems like a first step to other choices. What are you wearing? Are you going to eat that? Where are you going? What College are you going too? Sorry, a little to fast.
    Since I do both, let him. Wait for the first spring day and do it. Then after the first cold day of September stop cutting. Let him then see what he likes the most. Those are my two cent. Have an amazing day. I look forward to the out come.


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