Serious About Being Silly

My kids aren’t HUGE fans of the show Yo Gabba Gabba – but I find myself unable to look away if it happens to be playing.  What is it about plastic, brightly colored characters that grabs my attention?  Why can’t I turn away when the host with large, white teeth, gross glasses and an annoying orange hat says simple sentences?

Someone help me here – what makes it acceptable to write 6-note songs that don’t rhyme and have characters whose mouths don’t even move while they sing!?!  I know I shouldn’t care – but it’s obvious the creators of this show are doing SOMETHING right…look at the following they have!

Heck – they’ve hooked ME! I guess I shouldn’t be ashamed – I just have to wonder if this show would still create a tinge of curiosity and amazement in my mind if I didn’t have children.  I’m curious more than irritated – but sometimes I start to feel completely detached from my past life – before kids.

I love my life right now and I know this won’t last forever – so I’m choosing to enjoy the moment.  However – let me say this: if you find me eating fruit snacks while singing “Don’t bite your friends” and I’m sitting in front of the TV in my pajamas – please get me up, throw me in a cold shower and save me from myself!!!!

As mothers I hope we can enjoy ridiculous songs, spend some time REALLY playing with our kids (even if it means we look silly) and appreciate the goofy nature God has put into our little angels.  Even when we are silly we know who we are as women.  In those fun moments I think our kids find an easy way to connect with us. 

So whether you are singing songs about the party in their tummy or that they can’t always get what they want; being silly pays off.  Putting aside all the household chores, phone calls and emails for a moment of silliness is not easy.  In fact, it goes against the reality we face each day.

So, here’s a challenge – for just a moment today take some time to stop and be silly! Dance, sing, be goofy and enjoy your children.  They really are fun – and you are too!

Share your silly stories with all of us by leaving a comment – I can’t wait to laugh with you 😮

You are amazing!


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