I love the smell, feel, sound and look of newborns. They are like nothing else in the world – full of dependence, innocence, wonder and sheer entertainment for the rest of us that have grown weary of the flashy entertainment this world calls “amazing”. You want to see amazing? Check out a newborn’s beating heart, grasping fingers and wide eyes –

Simply put…newborns are fantastic! They are also EXHAUSTING! Let’s just be honest with ourselves for a moment. When we leave the hospital with our baby wedged between the over-sized headband supporter thingy and wide suspenders we call a car seat (which is very important to have and I am in no way minimizing the importance of car-safety or the use of car seats…); the reality hits us. Somehow God, the world and science felt that we were not only ready – but capable to be parents and to be in charge of a shiny, brand-new human being.


That’s even hard to read isn’t it!?!?! Now, we could stay here, in this moment, freaked out about all the unknowns, all the possibilities and all the questions – OR we could take a deep breath and enjoy every coo, every involuntary smile and every waking moment with this blessed gift we call “our baby”.

I haven’t held a newborn in my arms since visiting my cousin – Zeb – in the hospital back in July. But I can walk into a room and be drawn, like a moth to a flame, toward the presence of a baby. It’s all I can do to not beg, plead and reach out to take that child, wrap it in my arms, smell its head and pray over it right then and there.

I don’t know if it’s the lack of baby “stuff” in my world that causes me to yearn for them so much or if it’s the fact that I’m just far enough away from that stage of life that I don’t have to live in the exhaustion, so I can choose to only live in the elation that these bundles of joy can bring.

Even though I’m not dealing with the physical presence of a newborn in our home, I’m learning that God brings “newborn” experiences to me all the time!  through my friends, children, husband, work – all of it takes me to a new place where I can choose the exhaustion or the elation.

I don’t ever want to become predictable, safe and boring.  Neither do I want to be so harried and stressed out that I can’t enjoy the adventure.  This balancing act called parenting and life – it all started on that ride home from the hospital and I just kept getting better at enduring the exhaustion so i could see the enjoyment.

I’m still learning – I’ll probably never figure it all out – but this adventure I’m on right now…these new discoveries and new challenges…they are my “newborns” and I am cherishing each minute of the newness.

I hope something new, challenging and exciting is happening in your life right now too.  I also hope that you know and accept the love and support that your friends, family and Savior provide.

We’re all in this together and I’m glad to have you with me – anybody else out there experiencing a “newborn”?  I’d love to be encouraged by your story –

You are wonderful!


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