No wrapping required

On Friday I celebrated my birthday.  To sum up the day’s events I need only one word – AWESOME! I was given a gift that cannot be measured, contained or exceeded.

The gift started on Wednesday night when Matt’s Mom and stepdad arrived from Texas. They make me laugh, they take care of us and they LOVE our kids. 

The gift kept coming Thursday night when I arrived home, walked in my house and my parents appeared in my living room.  They live in California and I was NOT expecting them to be here.  I had been so sad all week because I thought they couldn’t make it – but I had made my peace with the whole thing and let go of my expectations because hey, reality is a real bummer sometimes. Thankfully reality didn’t win and my parents were able to fly out.   They jumped on a plane, made the long trip and I felt like I could really celebrate now that my best friend – my mom was here.

On Friday (my birthday) I enjoyed an amazing day of shopping, eating and hanging out with my mom and Matt’s mom; I arrived at my friend’s home on Friday night.  About 50 of my closest friends and family came to help me celebrate the release of my first book.

My mother-in-law, Dee, kept talking about how wonderful my friends were.  How they just jumped right in, helped set out food, stayed to clean up the house, took care of details throughout the party and never once asked for anything in return.  She reminded me how blessed I am to have such loving, supportive friends!

So I stood there, in front of everyone and said thank you.  Words aren’t enough to tell these blessed people how much I love them, how much they mean to me and what a big part they have played in helping me realize my dreams.

Friends really are the best gift a mom can have. My true friends accept me, know me and partner with me – no matter how crazy my adventures become.  Whether I’ve had Bell’s Palsey or I’ve thrown a party – they are there through thick or thin.

I hope I can be as good a friend to them as they have been to me.  To all my friends…

THANK YOU!!!!  You are the best birthday gift a mom could hope for!

Much love and gratitude!


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