During the last week we have endured a SERIOUS heat wave here in the midwest.  Our children haven’t been allowed to play outside.  Even the pool water feels too warm (I know – gross!).  So I’m happy to say that although the thermometer reached record numbers – my temper did not.

A week ago today I made a plan (see post “Lock and Load”) and it actually worked!

Okay, so the plan wasn’t anything new or life-changing – but it was MY plan and I took time to write it down.  There’s something tangible about writing things down.  Seeing my goals in black and white makes my plan real, doable and clear.

So this week when we were tired of being inside, tired of being hot and tired of seeing each other I remembered my plan.

At one point I had 2 boys in tears over a Wii game and the 3rd boy poking our dog, Charlie, with a stick as he cowered in his cage trying to avoid the jabs.  So I took it one thing at a time.  I touched each boy, talked calmly to them and  we figured it all out. 

Almost everyone had a consequence for how THEY handled the situation, but through the grace of God and my premeditated approach I was able to take a deep breath, think and respond – instead of reacting.

It was a good thing and I’m glad these last few days before school starts have been filled with success instead of frustration. 

I’m keeping it simple, I’m lowering our activities and I’m focusing on what I need to do to help everything run smoothly. Check back in another week – I might be banging my head against a wall – but for now – all is well.

Anyone else have some success stories they want to share?  How do you keep your kids happy, entertained and peaceful during these summer months?

You guys are wonderful!


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