TODAY’s Moms – Doormats?

The Today Show had an interesting story in their “TODAY Moms” section. 

Basically stay-at-home or work-from-home moms were interviewed because they felt like they were being used, abused and disrespected when their neighbors and friends called and asked them for help. 

So I watched the video and I have to say that Meredith was in a bit of hot water for just a second when she said that stay-at-home moms aren’t working….but I forgave her and well, decided to listen to the rest of it.

My take on the whole thing? 

We need each other.  If an emergency arises and we can help – we should help.

If we see a pattern starting to occur in which we become the “easy fix” for someone who didn’t plan well – we shouldn’t help.

I say shouldn’t because if we continue to provide relief for all the last-minute requests that come our way – we WILL become a doormat and an easy out for anyone who knows us.

Like I said, life happens.  We can’t plan for everything – but we can provide boundaries for ourselves and our family.

I truly believe that if we spend all our time trying to be everything for everyone else we won’t have anything left for our own families.  If everyone helps each other, even if it’s just for an afternoon, – noone will have to carry the load on their own.  So yes, help each other, but first set your boundaries so your family stays first.

Because I work from home I have certain “work hours”.  During those hours I don’t answer the home phone, I don’t allow myself to work on the house and I make sure the boys have activities to do so I can stay focused.  In the summer I tape a red circle in the window next to our front door.  When our neighborhood kids see the sign they know not to knock on the front door.  It’s an easy, non-threatening way to set boundaries.

I love my friends, my neighbors and their kids.  But I love my kids and my family more and I’ll always make plans so that I can fulfill their needs above others.

Have you ever felt like a doormat or had to put your foot down when dealing with someone’s constant need for help?  Share what you did, talk about what you see in others and please leave your comments about this video clip – I can’t wait to hear your thoughts…

To see the entire segment click the following link:                       


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