And then I said…

Last night we let Matthew have a friend over to spend the night and Tyler had a friend spend the night too.  It worked out really well because the friends they chose are brothers!  So we picked up the two boys and proceeded to drive to a pizza place for dinner. 

If you think I’m going to make dinner and try to control FIVE little boys you are CRAZY!  I let go of that expectation early and dinner was fun, not stressful.

So after dinner we headed to the local Redbox, picked out a movie and soon we were home.  Everyone was in their pajamas, popcorn in their hands and they we were ready for the show.

The movie was fine, but what happened after the movie was WAAAAAY more entertaining.  I sat upstairs just listening to them play for an hour together and it was hilarious.

I didn’t know four creative people (our littlest guy was already in bed when the play began) could synch their physical, imaginative and social worlds.  It really was something to behold.

Every once in a while a boy’s voice would rise about the rest and his comment would start with: “And then you…” or “And then I said….” or even “And then I knocked it out of your hand and you fell down a cliff and then….”.  I loved the fact that even in the midst of their rambunctious play the boys would stop, listen and dream with their friends.

Children have this fantastic ability to leave reality and dive into imaginative play in the blink of an eye.  I think that is just flat-out awesome!  I wish I could be like that!  To leave my to-do list, cleaning duties and job requirements behind and just play.

I probably couldn’t come up with as many plots, surprise endings or characters as the boys created…but to just play again would be great! 

So here’s my challenge to all moms out there and to myself…this next week I am going to find some time – be it 10 minutes or an hour – to join in the imaginary world my kids create.  I’ll join in with my whole being and try my best to let all boundaries, expectations and laws of nature blow away in the wind!  I think I’m most nervous about the kids accepting me into their story – do I have what it takes to keep up with their imaginations?

Well, I’ll never know unless I try –

Have you guys ever played in your kid’s make-believe world? How did it go?  Can you share your stories by clicking “leave a comment”?  I’d love to hear your ideas – who knows, I might need them!

You guys are awesome!  Have a great week!


1 Response to “And then I said…”

  1. 1 Kasey Johnson August 1, 2010 at 11:25 PM

    Today I played a train conductor and I was doing a pretty good job until I called for a pick up at the depot and was informed by my 3-year-old that I forgot to put the Depot on the train table! So I guess we do have to add reality with make-believe…I’m giving it another try tomorrow :o)

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