Right now I am looking at the majestic, beautiful Pike’s Peak mountain (see picture at left – oh yeah, I took that this morning!).  It is AWESOME! Everything is so quite and calm here!  The use of the words “quiet” and “calm” have already alerted you to the fact that yes, I have no children with me on this trip.  I am here in Colorado mountains with some of the most precious friends a girl could ever hope to have.

These friends are what I like to call veterans.  They aren’t old in age, but we have all been through so much together.  Some of us have lost jobs, lost pregnancies, even lost our mind a time or two – but we always came back because we had each other, and I believe these friends of mine deserve a serious reward for sticking with me this long. 😮

I think Kansas is beautiful – don’t get me wrong, but these mountains bring a kind of serenity, calm and refreshing like nothing else can. Our awesome friends, Scott and Hermine, graciously offered their home for all of us to stay in.  They are on vacation and were glad to have someone housesit for them.  So Matt and I are thanking God for wonderful people who offer us a beautiful home to stay in and for the wonderful people who are going to make this weekend a time of laughter, fun and renewal.

Being here in the mountains I’m reminded of the sermon our Pastor gave this past Sunday about Moses.  It was called “Leading Out of Weakness”.  I thought I knew all there was to know about Moses.  Remember, he’s the guy that owed everything to his mother (don’t we all?) – she put him in the basket in the river where he was found by the Pharaoh’s daughter and his life was spared.  As he grew he made a few mistakes (don’t we all?), ended up as a shepherd herding sheep and then one day he found himself on a mountain…staring at a bush that was on fire, but wasn’t being burned up. 

That was the day he received his calling from God to lead God’s people – the Israelites – out of Egypt and away from slavery.  So reluctantly Moses obeyed God’s calling and in the middle of the wilderness, while headed for the Promise Land; Moses went up to a mountaintop again.  This time he met with God and it was such an amazing experience his face glowed and he was given the 10 commandments.

So you get the idea, mountains are important to Moses’ journey.  Thanks to my Pastor I was reminded of the last mountain Moses experienced – one I had totally forgotten about. See, toward the end of the Israelites’ journey the Bible tells us that Moses never got to actually see and live in the promise land (what a bummer!).  But God didn’t leave Moses with his disappointment – God allowed Moses to see the promise land when Moses and Elijah appeared on the mountaintop with Jesus as He began His ministry.

As I sat there listening to Pastor talk about Moses’ journey I was excited to see how God allowed Moses the chance to see something even more amazing than the promise land.  Moses got to see how God was making good on His promise to save ALL people through His Son – Jesus.  Moses started his journey in obedience and really – isn’t that all God asks of us too?  We don’t know what the end result will be, we don’t know if we will see our “promise land” but we have to keep listening, obeying and following God’s call on our lives.

As Moms we have one of the highest calling of all – we are leading our precious people through the wilderness called LIFE.  We don’t know what choices our children will make and how things will turn out, but we know Who is truly leading this journey – our Creator, our Savior, our Father – Christ.  Sometimes we get to go up to the mountain and receive a call from God, but most of the time we are on the ground-level, walking with our children through this journey and trying our best.

Oswald Chambers has an amazing devotional book called, “My Utmost For His Highest” – on June 15th he writes, “I must realize that my obedience even in the smallest detail of life has all of the omnipotent power of the grace of God behind it”.

Our God – the one that made the mountains, valleys, sun and moon is behind us – even in the seemingly mundane moments of our journey.  Keep going – keep pressing ahead!  God can bring you a moment on the mountain with Him during some of the most unexpected times.  You are a blessing to your family and friends – you are being used of God in everything you do. 

Just keep listening to His voice, obeying His call on your life and giving Him ALL the glory.

The promise land is coming and it’s going to be a sweet moment to see how each step along the way was worth it!

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