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Tonight I headed off to the outlet store to find some shoes for my boys.  It’s like summer has instigated a mystical reaction in their limbs and everything is sprouting up, out and beyond the clothes and shoes in their closet.

Initially I entered the store with confidence, but soon began to doubt my knowledge and abilities.  You see, I always have a plan.  I knew the style, size and price I was looking for and I was just sure it was all going to come together.  But as I stood there in front of the multitude of shoe boxes doubt began to creep in.  I thought I knew each boy’s shoe size – but did I REALLY!?

So I asked for help (which I really hate doing when I’m in a hurry) and the kind sales associate placed my boys’ heels into a cold silver device and declared their true shoe sizes:   “2 1/2 for this one, ahh yes, this one is a 12 1/2 wide, and the little guy here – well – he’s going to be in a 9 1/2”.  The look on my face must have given it away – my mind was reviewing the events of the last week…I had put at least 10 band aids on their feet due to blisters, sores and other Podiatry-based issues…this was the answer!  My boys were wearing shoes that were too small for them!

After I let the guilt pass I immediately walked over to the far wall where I have always shopped for the boy’s shoes.  That’s when the seemingly innocent sales associate called out, “Mam, all the sizes you need will be in just this section – all the shoes on the wall are too small for your boys” and she kindly pointed to the middle rows of the store.

That’s when it hit me (again) that the tiny shoes, tiny socks and floppy hats were no longer part of my life.  My boys aren’t babies anymore and while I know that is okay and wonderful there is still something very concrete about being told: “YOU CAN’T LOOK OVER THERE ANYMORE! YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED AND YOU WILL FIND NOTHING THAT YOU NEED.”

It’s like she announced to my subconscious: “Gone are the days of strollers, pacifiers, bottles and teething rings.  Get ready sister, puberty is coming!”

Even though the initial shock of changing my shopping plan took me by surprise, the second emotion was one of relief.  I’m okay not toting around a diaper bag, a change of clothes (for me and the baby) and having to live off a regimented feeding schedule.  My life is really fantastic right now.  I have little people who, for the most part, are completely self-sufficient with their basic needs – isn’t it great!?!?!

I looked back at that huge wall, filled with precious little shoes and I smiled.  Then I turned to my boys and said: “Can you help mommy find the signs that say ‘SALE’ on them?” 

The boys jumped up to help, we found some great shoes and you want to know the best part?  My mother is in town and therefore the shoes were…..get ready for it….FREE!!!  Yeah us!

I hope your shopping is fun, your transitions are easy and you look back only for a moment so you can really look forward to what’s ahead.

You guys are wonderful!  Keep smiling and please leave comments when you can – it warms my heart and I know others love it too!

Have a great day!


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