Saturday Night Live use to have a spot called, “Really?! with Seth and Amy”.  Sometimes it was funny, sometimes annoying, but always eye-opening to the ridiculous people and issues that can occur in our world.  Since I don’t have a TV show or news desk I’m going to take a moment and have my own little segment called, “Really?! with Kasey J”…here goes:

A movie shows people’s eyeballs being sucked from their heads and angels of death swarming the air and you decide six-year-olds can handle it – Really?!

The world, a secular place driven by selfish desires and greed, decides that a movie should be rated PG-13 but you think a 5-year-old can handle the content – Really?!  The WORLD thinks you should be older than 13 to watch this movie – what part of that number sounds like “preschool” to you?   Really!?

I ask you to only show the boys G-rated movies and a couple of years later you ignore that request while they are in your home –  Really!?

Okay – so I’m done with the tongue-lashing, but I am certainly not done feeling the sting that comes from trusting that the people who come in contact with my kids will respect me enough to be honest and tell me what the kids will be watching.  I’m not suggesting a check-list for me to sign before I leave my kids, but I’m really confused as to how our meter for “acceptable media” became so skewed – especially when it comes to children under the age of 6.  Who knows, maybe I’m wrong.  Maybe I’m being WAY too sensitive and protective… judge me if you must, but I’m learning how to speak up and not apologize.

I don’t look down on anyone else – I’m just talking about me, my kids and our “house rules”. You can show your kids a Friday the 13th movie if you want to – they are your kids, it’s none of my business and you know your kids best.  I know my kids too, what they can handle, and I REALLY care about what goes into my boys’ minds and hearts.  I figure they will have the rest of their lives to hear things from the world, to be tempted by the media and their friends and honestly, I want to do everything I can to make sure none of that stuff comes in this house or their heads while they are still young and vulnerable.

Sometimes I think people forget that a child (and I use the name “child” to describe people from age 2-13) can’t process and filter information like we can.  But just because they can’t process it doesn’t mean it doesn’t affect them.  Satan is so much smarter than that.  I think he hopes that if it looks like a cartoon, sounds like a cartoon and feels like a cartoon we’ll think the content is appropriate for children.

Thank goodness we are smarter than Satan!  I will NOT idly sit back and let my kids fill their heads with potty humor, sexual jokes (despite claims that the comments are “over their heads”) and general disrespect and humiliation toward others to get a laugh.  I will question, I will investigate, I will pray and most importantly I will communicate my expectations to anyone who spends time with the boys and I’m not there.

I’ve probably touched a nerve here and I really don’t mean to sound like some wrist-slapping know-it-all.  I just needed a moment to vent.  I’m sure some people agree and others disagree with me but I’m okay with that.  I gave up wanting to gain everyone’s approval a long time ago.  I’m just trying to do what is best for my kids – right now, knowing what each boy can handle and how they will react.  Check in with me in two years and I’m sure we’ll be dealing with new issues, changing the limitations we put on media and evaluating what our kids can handle. But for now this is what I think we are supposed to do for our boys.

I love it when my friends and family members ask, “Is it okay if the boys watch….” or “Can we take them to see…”.  It tells me that they respect me, my children and they want to partner with me in raising the boys.  When someone doesn’t ask it tells me they don’t care and they think they know what is best – to me it just sounds really selfish…so I’m going to try to respect my friends and family by asking, not assuming.

When my boys have friends over we usually don’t watch much TV, but if we are going to watch a movie or a show I promise to be better at offering the information to their parents.  I get my facts about shows, music, games and movies from a wonderful website.  The address is: Focus on the Family provides this free resource and I like it because they don’t give their opinion as much as they tell you exactly what is included in the content and message your kids will hear and see.

There’s something about reading the descriptions without the special effects, sound track and animation that make everything seem very clear.  It’s not for everyone, but I figure – what do you have to lose?  You can know about what the media is presenting and speak honestly with your kids.

I’m sure you have an opinion, experience and advice to share.  Just make sure it’s helpful and not hurtful…if you have a question ask it!  Others will click on the comments by the title of this post and leave their response – let’s talk this one out a little – for me please!?!?! 😮


1 Response to “Really!?”

  1. 1 Kasey Johnson June 6, 2010 at 11:28 PM

    I’ve had a few people email me – you have such good thoughts – post them here will you? I want others to hear what you are saying – some of you have helped me realize some other perspectives…curious yet?

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