Love + Friendship + Kindness = Auld Lang Syne

Most people sing the song “Auld Lang Syne” at the stroke of midnight, but I’m sure they don’t really know what it means.  The words ‘Auld Lang Syne’ literally translates from old Scottish dialect meaning ‘Old Long Ago’ and is about love and friendship in times past. The lyrics in the song Auld Lang Syne referring to ‘We’ll take a Cup of Kindness yet’ relate to a drink shared by men and women to symbolise friendship.  In fact, people in Scotland actually sing this song  January 25th on Burns Night.  This is the time when they celebrate the life of the author and famous poet Robert Burns.

I love that one person and their accomplishments sparked an entire country to stop and celebrate friendship, kindness and love.  I think this New Year we should spend our time reflecting on the wonderful friendships from our past and our present life.  My memories are filled with the wonderful friends that came into my life during college.  Each one has a name, a face and they had an amazing impact on my life. 

I would like to take time to write each one of those amazing friends a note, just to say thank you.  I’d like to call each friend in my life right now to tell them how much they are loved and how thankful I am for their kindness and friendship.  What if each of us wrote an email or made a phone call to encourage our friends…what a wonderful way to start the new year and remember years gone by!

To everyone reading this – thank you for being an amazing woman!  Your comments, your ideas, your thoughts – they mean more to me than you know.  My desire to connect with other moms and encourage each other can only come true as you continue to stay involved.   I am praying for you and I can’t wait to see what 2010 holds for each of us. 

Happy New Year!


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