Building Time

construction toolsI’ve noticed more and more people in our neighborhood spending their time and money making improvements to their homes.  Most people are realizing that moving to a new home isn’t an option so they are taking time to update and invest in their current home so it will last longer and feel newer.  Whether it’s a coat of paint or a new roof, a house seems more exciting when it has something shiny and new on it. 

In the old testament the people of Israel were wandering in the desert.  They didn’t have homes, they had tents.  They didn’t have a church building to visit either, they had a traveling tabernacle.  God told them exactly how to build it, how to maintain it and who could enter it.  The tabernacle was where God came to meet with His people. 

Ephesians 2:22 says, “And in Him you too are being built together to become a dwelling in which God lives by His Spirit”.  Let’s take this scripture apart and apply it to our lives. 

* “in Him” – By living in Him, with Him, for Him we know our God in a more personal way.  We start to learn how his voice sounds and what it means to live a life that isn’t centered around us and our needs.

* “being built” – Sometimes I feel like I’m constantly learning lessons from the situations in my life.  Whether it’s a job change, a new baby or life in general; we have to believe that God is building something within us that is bigger than ourselves.  He has a plan, a master plan, and we have to trust that the “improvements” He is making are necessary.  They might be painful and take a looooooong time to complete but we need to release our control and let God build us into HIS creation.

* “together” – I am a strong believer in community.  We need each other.  Christ could have come to earth, saved everyone and never connected with the people around Him, but he decided to create a community and cultivate relationships with us.  God is all about relationship and we need to extend that hand of support and grace to each other as we go through this journey of mothering. 

* “become a dwelling”– In order for us to live in our current home we had to buy it, paint it, move our stuff in and now we have to maintain it.  Our spiritual lives need to be maintained too.  We need to schedule time to read the Word, pray to our Father and learn from believers around us.  In order for God to dwell in us we have to provide a tabernacle, or dwelling, that is fitting for His holy presence.  It’s time to get serious about cleaning out any “junk” that is cluttering up our spiritual life and make room for God to move.

* “God lives by his Spirit” – God is alive and moving!  He is a builder that never rests.  He is always looking for a way to improve our understanding of who He is and what he wants for our lives.  Scripture tells us that God’s Spirit is “sharper than a double edged sword”… that’s the kind of tool I want God to use in my life. 

What is God building in or through you?  Is He trimming things away or adding on something new?  Are you willing to let His “tools” shape your life?  This week I challenge each of us to seek out God’s master plan for our life and respond in obedience.  Maybe God isn’t building something within your life directly – maybe He’s using you to build something wonderful in someone else.

Whatever it may be I know that God is faithful and He will be by our side throughout the entire process.  Let’s sit back and enjoy this building process.  Share with each other and seek out God’s voice through the reading of His word and time in prayer.  Blessings on you and your family – it’s building time!

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