Water Gun Fight

rain and treesI was having coffee with my friend and we were discussing the storms that have recently hit our area.  She, like many of us, helps her son cope with the enormity of thunder, rain and lightening by creating lighthearted stories and analogies to help soften the fierceness that nature often shows.  Her explanation of rain is that it is God watering His garden.  I thought that was so cute, then I heard how her son put his own spin on the story.  He said, “No, I think Jesus is having a water gun fight with me”.  What a precious example of how a child relates to their Creator.  Children only know what they have experienced in life and they apply that knowledge to their definition of God.

     No matter how children define God, I believe they learn how to relate to God by watching and listening to us.  They listen to us pray, they watch our faith in action – even in the little things.  I have to remind myself to share with my children what God is teaching me. I want them to see me learning, to see me discovering new things and to know that I am talking to God all the time!  They can relate to it in their own way, but at least they know that I’m not done learning about God or discovering what He has planned for me.

    In the Old Testament the Israelites didn’t do a great job of telling the stories to their children.  Somehow they forgot the amazing escape from Egypt, the plagues, the promise God gave concerning the future.  They got caught up in what they saw in front of them – desert.  Dry, lonely desert.  How sad that their children suffered because they were forgetful.  What if they had trusted God, obeyed His commands, communed with Him daily and shared the lessons they were learning?  I have to wonder if it still would have taken 30 years to come to the promise land.   Deuteronomy 4:9 says:  

9 Only be careful, and watch yourselves closely so that you do not forget the things your eyes have seen or let them slip from your heart as long as you live. Teach them to your children and to their children after them.

     This week I challenge you to get out of the desert spiritually and seek after God.  Think about something God is showing you, or something you read in Scripture that touched your spirit.  Depending on your child’s age, share it with them!  I’ve always been surprised at my child’s interpretation and response when I share my spiritual journey with them.  Invariably they find a way to not only identify with my discovery, but also apply it to their lives.

    Let’s keep telling the stories and sharing the discoveries in our walk with God.  We don’t need to put our children under stress during the trials – but in the end, when we can look back and see how God was leading, we need to shout from the mountaintops about God’s faithfulness and love!

     I believe our children learn faith by watching us live it.  They understand God’s love when we show it to each other.  They believe the scriptures by listening to us claim the promises of God.  I love to tell the stories – what’s yours?

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