Sun and Shade

tree and pathI was mowing the lawn today and ran into the ever-present frustration called sun and shade.  Here’s the situation – our grass barely grows in exposed areas, but under the shade of the trees it is full and long.  So I have to mow, even though it’s 95 degrees outside.  As I mowed across our backyard I was working really hard to see through the sweat and keep track of where I had mowed by the lines I was making in the grass. 

When I stood in the sun, headed toward the tree line and shade, I could NOT see the line from my mower.  I had no idea where I was.  The grass is a bit pale and prickly in these sun-drenched patches so it doesn’t give any clues either.  HOWEVER, when I suddenly felt the cool breeze and the shade of the trees I turned around to prepare my approach and I could see the line perfectly.

I started thinking about life and how sometimes we are able to sit in the “shade” of life and see everything clearly.  We enjoy a cool breeze and some relaxing moments.  Then come the days in the scorching sun.  The days when we feel the oppressive heat that comes from giving our all and realizing the day hasn’t come to an end. 

I have some wonderful friends who, for different reasons, are returning to work this month.  They have been home with their children and they are now returning to a workplace that doesn’t revolve around naps, snack time and a sand box.  I have some other friends who are facing the woes of pregnancy and really wish this could all come to an end!  Yet still I have other friends whose family situations feel as hopeless and frustrating as ever.  To these friends I want you to know that I am praying for you and I love you.

Some of us are in the shady season of life and some of us are in heat of the moment.  No matter where you are right now know that your Creator loves you, He is standing by your side and He alone can see the path that you are headed down.  He will direct you, He will carry you, He will hold you.  Let Him be your everything and He will show you where to go next.

Ephesians 6:10 says, finally, be strong in the Lord and in His mighty power.

His power is enough and it’s available to us right now.  Lean on His strength and meet me under the shade of His power.

1 Response to “Sun and Shade”

  1. 1 Katie Croy August 7, 2009 at 2:18 PM

    God didn’t make you the perfect mom (well–you’re almost perfect in my eyes but hey I’m your Mother)–He made you an honest mom who is continually searching for opportunities to love each of your children in a way that brings Him honor and glory. Your desire to see the boys through God’s eyes will keep you focused on raising the boys to become Godly Men who will in turn view their children and wife through the same lens–God’s view of what a family should be.

    You are on a journey that is modeling the strength and importance of a Mother’s love. From the day when you were three years old and ran into the house, grabbed the Bible, and demanded that I find you John 3: 16, we knew God would use you to direct others towards His love and care. We watched that day as you stood on the patio and began to “read” from the Bible, “For God so Loved the World that He gave His only begotten son . . .” You asked everyone who wanted Jesus as their Savior to raise their hands. Everyone on the picnic table bench raised their hands. You had them kneel and then you prayed the sweetest prayer to ask Jesus to come into their hearts. It was like a party. You came running back in the house with a huge smile on your face and announced that you finally got them all saved! Dad and I were in tears–just as I am now as I write this reminder to you that God has always believed in you and continues to guide you as you help others love their children. This honors and glorifies God which is why we exist.

    One further note about the children on the bench. At the end of the very week you prayed with the children, the man/father who was living in their home was arrested for child molestation. The mother and children were moved to a safe home. Your willingness to be obedient to God’s tender tug at your 3 year old heart may have been the only hope those children had experienced during the difficult days in their home. You listened to God at the age of three and your timing for sharing His love was perfect. On this day, in this world, God has called you to be a link to His love for the children and Moms who need to be reminded of the importance of Motherhood and the joy of living and loving one another. Be the joy–you are a blessing to us all.
    MOM (Katie Croy)

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